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Part time courses for working professionals

Are you a sales executive who dreams of designing an interior for houses and restaurants? Are you a chemistry teacher with a passion for photography? Are you a customer service associate who always wanted to design logos and UX pages but could not earn a degree or diploma due to financial constraints? You can fulfil your dreams and passions by signing up for online courses or part time courses. Working full time and studying can be difficult but who has not hiked some extra miles to achieve something they want. Let us check the prerequisites for part time courses for working people and how you can juggle between work and studying.

Part time courses for working professionals

Part time courses for working professionals

Many institutes offer part time courses or online courses which can be attended at your convenience. At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, you have the option to choose between part time fashion designing courses and part time interior design courses. While looking for part time courses for working people, make sure that you check the course structure. A few things to keep in mind regarding part time courses are as follows:

(i) The duration of the course: It should align with your future goals.

(ii) The timing of the classes: The time of the classes should match your free time.

(iii) The result: How much will this course help you? It should be valid enough to help you make a career transition if that is the aim of signing up for the course.

Once you are clear about these points, take some time out to plan your new schedules. Most online courses offer a choice of learning as per your convenience and hence are part time courses. There are many institutes in India which offer part time design courses like fashion design, interior design, graphic design and photography. 


It is difficult but not impossible. If you have a full-time job and are doing a course to upskill yourself in the same field, then it will be a bit easier for you than taking up a part time course from another field. Let us look at some of the ways to make the process of working and studying simultaneously easier:

Part time courses for working professionals

Part time courses for working professionals

  1. Time Management

You have a job that requires 8 to 10 hours per day except for the weekends. Manage your time wisely and see how you can save time in other aspects of your daily chores. You can shift to a place that is near to your office so that you save time of commute and instead utilize it to study.

  1. Keep a track of your progress

Your job might be demanding and make you stressed at the end of the day after you reach home. Keep everything in an organised manner and track your progress. Part time study should be treated with as much seriousness as a regular course. 

  1. Maintain work and study separately

Do not mix work and studies. Try to complete your work within the specified time and the same goes for your studies. Once you sit to study, do not bring thoughts about your work at the office or anything that might be pending at work. 

  1. Compromise on screen time or other fun activities

Studying for part time courses should be replaced with the time for entertainment. Compromise and cut down some unrequired activities like watching movies or shows (for entertainment) or other such activities. Use this time to study. But it does not mean that you give up your life entirely and only work and study. Spend time with your family and friends and on healthy activities like running, walking, reading a book that you like and so on. 

Part time courses for working professionals

Part time courses for working professionals

It depends on you. Our advice would be to enrol in part time courses if:

— you are a person who can multitask efficiently,

— your job is not overly demanding and work does not come home after working hours,

— you are updating yourself with advanced-level skillsets in the same field.

There are two major benefits of doing a part time course while being a full time working professional. The first one is saving time while earning. You keep earning along with your part time study. If you studied full time, you would have to depend on your savings or your parents’ savings. But in this arrangement, you do not have to rely on your parents for your regular expenditure as well as your tuition fees. Secondly, doing a part time degree will help you in building connections in that field, especially if you are trying to transition to another field. 

If you are looking for part time courses for working people, make sure that you give your 100% to both work and studies. There are numerous options now, including part time fashion designing courses, part time interior design courses and part time diploma courses in other fields. With the rise in e-learning, there are many part time interior design courses online which can be studied by working professionals. Choose a course that fulfils your criteria of saving time and provides valid certification. Check out the various part time courses offered by us.