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Photography course – Skills you learn with diploma

Professional Photography course with JD Institute of Fashion Technology builds a strong foundation for learning and developing a skill set that is both unique and personal to you. We offer students a singular opportunity to receive panoramic instruction in the photography techniques, aesthetics, and management part of photography through practical, experiential assignments while learning to use cutting-edge technology, equipment, and software.

Diploma in Photography Course is curated for aspiring or amateur photographers who wish to pursue a career in the photography industry. Students follow a thorough and interactive curriculum and accomplish multiple learning goals. One Year Diploma in Photography Course students will be covering all areas of photography, including Basic, Foundation, Fashion Photography, Candid wedding photography, photo editing, Architectural, Landscape, Portrait Photography, People photography and e-commerce photography.

Why study a professional photography course?

Photography is an inventive skill, and each photographer captures the world in their perspective of the world. It is more than just the angles, lighting and visual appeal you bring to the world. Taking professional photography classes can teach you to develop the sought-after skill of visual identification. A talented photographer will have the panache of delivering photographs as an art that becomes the medium of communication for the subject in the picture to mutely articulate emotions, feelings and dialogue.

Core Camera Skills

Photography course helps you develop important aspects of photography that are going to be your foundation to build your personal and unique take on the art of photography. You learn to hold your camera properly, learn to shoot in RAW, understand the exposure triangle, best aperture for portrait, landscapes, learn to use Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes, the trick to raise the ISO, developing the habit of checking the ISO before you start shooting.

Photography course – Skills you learn with diplomaMore advanced skills like manipulating the camera flash, adjusting white balance, reading the histogram, playing with perspective, understand the rule of thirds, paying attention to the background, proper usage of a tripod, shooting in the early morning and evening and most important of all, learning from your mistakes with the expert guidance of our seasoned staff at #JDInstitute.

Composition vs Visual aesthetics

You will be learning one of the crucial skills that is much needed in the photography industry. You will learn the difference between photographic composition and visual aesthetics that will set you apart as a professional photographer. To explain it in simple terms, Photo composition is arranging visual elements within a frame. Ensuring the subject of your photograph inside that space may sound easy, yet it’s anything but.

Photography course – Skills you learn with diplomaNow aesthetics is more than just composition, it is how a photograph emotes. Set by the tone, dynamic range of light in your photo, the grain, the colours, the monochrome tones, the contrast, brightness, etc. The aesthetic is determined by your perspective, the camera and lens you use, the type of sensor (or film) in the camera, what time of day you shoot the photograph, the lighting, whether you choose to shoot with a flash, if shooting digitally, whether you shoot in RAW or JPEG, how you decide to post-process your photos and much more of the exhaustive details you will learn to pay attention to, as a professional photographer.Photography course – Skills you learn with diploma


The most underrated skill of any course. You will be given numerous opportunities to interact with the best in the industry, all across the country. With the right skill set for professional photography and the pan-India networking in the photography industry will establish a flourishing start for your career. Networking and the specific skillset you develop will help secure jobs and contracts, as a freelancer/entrepreneur or professional photographer.

Career oriented course options

The diverse possibilities available to you as a professional photographer and the specific skill set you need to develop for pursuing a career in any one of the specific fields of interest. To give you the basics of the different types of skill sets that are in demand in the current market, is to be a studio photographer/portrait photographer, commercial photographer, Scientific photographer, Photojournalists, Wildlife photographer, travel photographer, stock-image photographer. You can learn more about it on our blog about Photography careers.

Each of these professions demand a very specific skill set that needs to be developed and nurtured with the time and experience you invest and gain from the respective fields. For example: As a Product photographer you will develop a skill set that helps a brand use creative and brand-oriented photography skill to highlight the best qualities of a product through images. As a product photographer you will be responsible for liaison with clients, sourcing props for shoots, arranging products, and editing pictures. Photography course – Skills you learn with diploma

Finding your signature style

Well-established, experienced and seasoned faculty in the photography industry will ensure to give you the best of the education that you will need to start your flourishing career in the Photography industry. Upon completion of the course, you will be equipped with a diverse skill set in traditional and contemporary photography methods, to develop your own unique signature style and emphasize personal expression through technical and creative expertise.