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Why is On Campus learning important, when we get the same education from the comfort of our couch. The endless ambiguity in the educational system across the globe and the whole generation of change brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has left us with a plethora of choices that might not have been possible for much longer. The sudden shift towards virtual classrooms and

Weekend courses for whose benefit? Well, do you have a job that takes most of your time during the week? Or did you pay a huge sum of money in tuition for a course that you think is just not right for you? And want to explore a creative course out there to see if it works out in a different field? With

Professional Photography course with JD Institute of Fashion Technology builds a strong foundation for learning and developing a skill set that is both unique and personal to you. We offer students a singular opportunity to receive panoramic instruction in the photography techniques, aesthetics, and management part of photography through practical, experiential assignments while learning to use cutting-edge technology, equipment, and software. Diploma in Photography

Do you need a professional Photography course on your tool belt to acquire the coveted skill set of a pro photographer? The fast-paced world that is continually changing, so acquiring new skills from time to time is essential to satisfy all needs of it. Photography is after all one of the most over-rated passions in our country after a generation of us watched

Photography jobs? Employment as a full-time photographer? Is that a possibility? Have all of your questions about photography and the jobs in the service industry answered. Photography has evolved to be an inevitable part of all of our lives, for the foreseeable future. But your next good question might be, if everyone holds a camera in their phones, how is the job of a

Designers are born or made, is a question which can be debated upon incessantly. One of the most essential factors required in the pursuit of creating noteworthy designs, common amongst great designers is creativity. However, it does take a good amount of knowledge, time and methodical consistency to turn creative revelations into realities. Theoretically speaking, every person has the potential to use their intrinsic