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Photography Courses in Bangalore for Beginners

The term ‘Photography’ can be defined in number of ways. A group of people says it is an art. Some says it is an application that becomes perfect with practice. Few people also view photography from creative point of view. The photographers are no more restricted to back and while pictures and rolls, rather the innovative way of photography has make the process easy and effective. Even, the presentation looks far better than the one that used to be few decade ago. People are willing to take this art as a profession. The scopes of photography are increasing widely in all the cities. Bangalore is one of the leading that provides best opportunities. Many institutes in Bangalore has included photography as a subject in most of their courses. Also, there are separate courses designed for photography. The photography courses in Bangalore for beginners have good recognition.

Photography Courses in Bangalore for Beginners

Types of Photography Courses for Beginners in Bangalore

There may be many courses based on photography. But, mainly it is divided into 3 categories. Those are:

  • Bachelor Degree Courses in Photography
  • Diploma Courses in Photography
  • Certificate Course in Photography

Bachelors Degree Courses in Photography

You must have heard about various courses that falls under Bachelor’s category. Starting from bachelors of Arts to bachelors of Science there are wide range of subjects under this category. Likewise, people with love for photography will be able to secure their future with several bachelor courses. Following are the name of such courses:

  • BA in Visual arts and photography
  • BA in photography
  • B.sc in photography and cinematography
  • B.sc in Photography and video visual Production
  • B.sc in Photography and video visual production

Diploma Courses in Photography

There are many private institutes that offer diploma courses in photography. The photography courses in Bangalore for beginners also include the diploma programs. Even the diploma courses have sub division. Some are for beginners, a category is meant for intermediate students and also the professional courses are present as well. Following is the list of such diploma courses:

  • PG diploma in photography
  • Diploma in digital photography
  • Diploma in fashion photojournalism
  • Diploma in Advertising and commercial photography
  • Diploma in digital cinematography
  • Diploma in fashion photography
  • Diploma in photography and cinematography
  • Diploma in photography and digital imaging

Certificate Courses in Photography

Even the certificate courses in photography have great recognition in the market. This has short duration. Individuals willing to learn photography in limited time can opt for these courses. The photography courses in Bangalore for beginners have these as inclusion. Following are some of the courses:

  • Certificate course in fashion and people photography
  • Certificate in digital photography
  • Certificate in photography and image editing
  • Certificate in commercial photography

Duration of Each Photography Course Type

While enrolling for bachelors, diploma or certificate course, you might be worrying about the duration of the course. Each of you must have an aim in like. Thus, while enrolling, duration is going to be an important factor. Following is an attempt of providing an idea on the duration of each course:

  • Bachelor Courses in Photography: The UG or bachelor degree program have the duration of 3 years.
  • Diploma Courses Duration: The duration of diploma courses can vary from one institute to another. In some places the diploma programs gets completed in a year. But, there programs with the duration of 2 years of 3 years also.  Better to say, the diploma courses have duration somewhere between 1- 3 years.
  • Certificate Course Duration: The certificate course in photography stays between 3- 6 months of duration.

Photography Courses in Bangalore for Beginners

Types of Photography/Specialization in Bangalore for Beginners

  • Adventure Photography: As the name suggests, this type of photography is shot outdoors. The photographs are taken within the shooting conditions that are quite challenging. You can also get some similarity of it with the niche photography. This can be the nature photography, landscape photography, etc.
  • Astrophotography: This is a type of photography where the celestial bodies are shot in night sky. The star, planet, solar system or any other elements in the sky can be shot and will be known as astrophotography.
  • Boudoir Photography: An interesting variation of photography with the interest of couples is here. Yes, this is known as Boudoir photography that captures romantic and intimate images.
  • Cityscape Photography: Presentation of the city and its various aspects is recorded in the city scape photography. This can be a metropolitan area or an urban layout
  • Composite Photography: You may get hallucinated with this type of photography. The photographer combines many types of visual elements that he derives from different visual elements. The viewer will feel the illusion.
  • Documentary Photography: This type of photography is usually seen in Chronicle environment. This is related to something in history.
  • Event Photography: This is quite in demand as the society have number of events such as marriages, birthdays or any other corporate meet.
  • Fashion Photography: You must have seen the fashion magazines with models posing. Those are the fashion photography.
  • Lifestyle Photography: There, people are captured in real life situations. Here, the subject and situations are made believable.
  • Creative Photography: This is based on the concept. The technique used is quite different than the commercial or everyday photographs.
  • Abstract Photography: There the photographer presents the images in such a way that the images do not have any similarity of closeness with usual objects existing within the world.
  • Commercial Photography: You must have seen the advertisements in the television. The newspaper as well as magazines has many photographs that promote the goods or services. Shooting such pictures can be stated as the commercial photographs. This helps in selling the products and services of the businessmen.

Who Can Enroll to Photography Courses and Eligibility Criteria

Today, people are getting too much interested in picking up photography as a career. But, it is very important to note that, Photography is not just clicking anything with your smartphone camera. Rather, the subject will teach you every detail with in-depth knowledge. The photography courses in Bangalore for beginners have great prospects. Following are the parameters of enrolling to photography courses.

  • You must have appeared and passed your 10+2 examination.
  • The board from which you have qualified you 10+2 must be recognized
  • You must have passion for photography
  • Candidate must have a creative eye

Qualities and Skills to Become a Professional Photographer

  • Must be comfortable to travel and work in odd hours
  • Eagerness for learning in a new environment
  • Proper concentration and focus on subject
  • Good communication skill
  • Computer knowhow and technical skills
  • Patience

Job Opportunities/Scopes of Photographers in Bangalore

The scopes of photographers are increasing every day in Bangalore. A flawless shoot on commercial products and models is the necessity of many businessmen in all cities including bangalore dealing with wide range of goods and services. Yes, they require those photographs for different types of promotions. Rather than this, there are many events going on in the society and corporate. Coverage of the entire event under the camera lens is important. Also, the photographers can work as a freelancer. In such a case, they are not bound to work with a single company. Rather, they can avail the projects of different companies or individuals and work independently.

Roles for professional photographers/ Job title of Professional photographers

  • Industrial and business photographer
  • Wildlife photographer
  • Fashion photographer
  • Event photographer- such as marriage, birthdays, social get-together, etc
  • Fine Art photographer
  • Photojournalist
  • Sports photographer
  • Forensic Photographer
  • Automobile photographer

Photography Courses in Bangalore for Beginners

How the Photographers are Hired?

You must be wondering about how you will get the job offer or an opportunity to work as a photographer. This worry might come to your mind when you are enrolling for a course in photography and you think about your prospect after completing the course. As a matter of fact, a professional photographer will never sit idle at home. The demand of such talent is too high in the market. But, you just need to promote yourself or get exposed in the market. Following are the ways to get hired:

  • College / Institute: Most of the colleges or institutes that conducts the courses in photography provide placement assistance. Yes, they have the tie up with the corporate who normally hires photographer. If you cannot crack the interview in one go, the institute will give you few more chances.
  • Newspaper and Magazines: There are classified columns in newspaper and magazines that will provide great chance of having opportunities. The situation vacant for photographers will attract you to apply.
  • Online Job Portal: Today, people are too much savvy to internet. They tend to do everything through web. Similarly, when you are looking for job, there is some online job portal where you can register for free. Even the employers can view your profile by viewing such job portals. The chances are too high to get hired.
  • Social Media: The social media sites have maximum response. You can put your profile on LinkedIn, facebook or twitter along with your portfolio to get a job as a photographer.

Salary/Payment of a Photographer in Bangalore (Karnataka)

The salary of a photographer may vary based on various factors. It is based on the type of industry and niche of photography. However, the average salary of a photographer is around Rs 3,99,959 (approx). The salary can be somewhere between Rs 1, 77,539- Rs 1,013,674. There are perks, bonus as well as commission along with the salary. Thus, the total pay will rise.

Market worth over time


The prospect as a photographer is quite high in the present market. But, little more brush up of your present skill is required. The photography courses in Bangalore for beginners can be beneficial for freshers with no experience. Along with it, there are courses for the candidates who are working and wish to get promoted in future.