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fashion designing - fashion designers scope - Scope of Fashion Designing

Scope of Fashion Designing

Fashion designing has become very popular in India in the last few years and many people are now considering it as a career choice. With economic prosperity, the average income of Indians has increased. Hence, people have better lifestyles compared to the past and they can afford to spend more on their attire. As a result, there is an increased demand for professionals who can design and create new garments, dresses and attires to cater to the tastes of people from different walks of life.

A career in fashion designing is considered as financially rewarding and has become very popular with people with creative mindset. It is normally looked at as a field full of glamor, though the field is full of very intense competition and huge number of challenges as well. However, there is a wide scope of fashion designing in India as well as abroad. Fashion designing students enjoy a lot of choices once they complete their fashion designing professional studies.

  • The fashion designers in the 21st century have multiple number of options including research, designing, cloth production and textile designing, etc.
  • There is also a huge scope of fashion designing in Canada, USA, UK and countries in the European Union.
  • They are free to join garment manufacturing companies, fashion houses, export units etc. after the completion of their studies.
  • The scope of fashion technology is not only limited to garments. It covers many other aspects such as jewellery, accessories, footwear, etc.

Scope of Fashion Designing Professions in India

Fashion designing aspirants can opt for a variety of professions and the most popular among them are as follows:

  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Coordinator
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Fashion Merchandiser

Scope of Fashion Designing fashion designing - pasted image 0 1 - Scope of Fashion Designing

Fashion Designer

They create the new products with respect to the latest trends that are currently prevailing in the marketplace. In this role, fashion designers are the key players when it comes to the fashion industry. If you are creative, can think out of the box, hardworking and can handle all kinds of pressure with a positive attitude, then you are going to be suitably rewarded for your talent with a fulfilling career as a fashion designer.

Fashion Illustrator

A fashion illustrator’s responsibility is to prepare the primary sketches of the idea expressed by the fashion designer. In order to prepare the sketches, the designers explain to the illustrator what they really want. An illustrator is someone who helps in bringing to life the ideas and creations of the fashion designer.

Fashion Stylist

The job of the fashion stylist it to maintain the makeup, dress code, hairstyle, etc. for making sure that the models participating in a fashion show look their part. They are the people who help the models dress and prepare for showcasing the creations of designers in different fashion shows. Given the increase in fashion shows in India and abroad, fashion stylists are in great demand these days.

Fashion Coordinator

The fashion coordinator has the responsibility of managing the arrangements and the marketing policies of a fashion designing house or company. They are in no way related with the task of designing. Their responsibilities include organizing fashion shows, advertising products, etc.  

Fashion Consultant

They are individual consultants who help their clients enhance or develop their personal and professional images. A fashion consultant needs to be fully aware of the trends and the transitions happening in the industry and should also have knowledge of fashion designing to help the clients achieve the required personal or professional image through fashion makeover.

Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion merchandisers need to study fashion trends for determining various strategies through which a provider of fashion product or a retail store can merchandise. Analyzing the past and the latest trends along with the sales data are some of the key deliverables of this role. These professionals need to possess the knowledge of fabrics, fashion trends, hues, textures, market demand of fashion products, production procedures etc.

Scope of Fashion Designing fashion designing - fashion designers scope - Scope of Fashion Designing

Meeting In Fashion Design Studio Discussing Ideas

Scope of Fashion Designing Courses At JD Institute of Fashion Technology

JD Institute of Fashion Technology offers the following courses to fashion designing aspirants:

Diploma in Fashion Design – 1 Year

  • This fashion design course focuses on practical industry-oriented training and has been developed to provide you intense training, helping you develop your own collection.
  • The duration of this project-based fashion designing course is 120 to 190 hours for each project. It is driven by a systematic technical approach and teach you the concepts of research, creativity, imagination and marketing.
  • The students get an opportunity to showcase their collection on the runway in front of top people from the Industry.

Diploma in Fashion Business Management – 1 Year

  • This course will provide you access to industry extensive networking opportunities.
  • It ensures that you will learn the sustainable and ethical practices of the fashion industry.
  • The course modules will enhance your leadership and organizational management knowledge and the ability to evaluate things and situations in a strategic manner.
  • You will learn the technical and transferable skills that are necessary for you to have widest career opportunities in the fashion business industry today.

Diploma in Fashion and Lifestyle Entrepreneurship

  • The diploma in Fashion Entrepreneurship connects you to your entrepreneurial ambitions
  • It helps you to Identify business opportunities, developing creative outcomes and building a viable business model and business plan
  • It will teach you to unlock the growth potential of your fashion and lifestyle start-up business by focusing on addressing multidimensional scaling up issues
  • This course includes specific mentor and investor connect sessions coupled with visits to working enterprises and incubation centres such as the Tirupur garment and other units around Bangalore

Diploma in Visual Merchandising – 6 Months

  • In this course you will learn to correlate merchandise and display it in a very desirable manner for the potential clients.
  • It will also teach you about consumer behaviour and how you can maximize profitability through visual display by creating a unique buying experience for the customers.
  • The window display module imparts knowledge on the latest technology and importance of visual merchandising in today’s world

Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion & Apparel Design

  • The Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion Design is a Term Based learning course with ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
  • This course contains EQAC Accredited Syllabus at par with world’s leading fashion schools
  • It concentrates on Progressive Modules with Industry Oriented outcomes.
  • It includes a 3 Month Industry Internship after the completion of the second year(replacement)

BSc. in Fashion and Apparel Design – from Bangalore University

  • It is a graduation course that emphasizes on practical and industry-oriented methodology and training.
  • It is an intensive course that is driven by a systematic and technical approach, research, creativity and imagination.
  • It focuses on integral elements of the subject ranging from fabric analysis, understanding principles of design, fashion illustration, pattern-making and garment construction.
  • You will get an opportunity to showcase your collection on the runway in front of the top people in the fashion industry.

PG Diploma in Fashion Design and Management

  • The curriculum of this post graduate course is interdisciplinary and is a mix of classroom-based lectures along with interactive seminars and individual business reports.
  • This course will teach you about the entire design process along with the management practices including fashion thinking, design and fabric processes, illustration, garment construction, trend analysis, media, brand identity and management.
  • You will get to explore live industry projects, learn the basics of fashion collaborations, attend lectures by guest speakers and go on international study tours and visits.

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Communication

  • This program deals with the basic development of students’ artistic, technical, theoretical and reflective skills that better prepare them to face the rigors of the competitive professional life.
  • You will be able to extend your abilities beyond the fundamentals of design and creation and include the broader field of Communication through various mediums that target on extending the reach of the fashion brand.
  • The course ends with an in-depth Research Dissertation and it works towards turning the students into competent Fashion Communication professionals who add value to their respective Fashion brands.

Post Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design – 2 Years

  • This post graduate course provides the technical know-how to the students to meet the demands of the ever growing fashion industry.
  • It will teach you about generating design sensibilities and enhancing aesthetic skills so that you can provide customer- oriented solutions.
  • It will encourage you to develop lateral thinking and an in-depth research attitude towards understanding complex customer requirements.

Scope of Fashion Designing