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Photography Trends For 2022 photography - Photography Trends For 2022 Thumbnail - Photography Trends For 2022

Photography is a field that has always been appreciated. Whether a person is camera shy or not, they do come in front of the lens at some or the other point of their life. Moreover, as a photographer your muse is the world and how you capture says a lot about your vision and aesthetic knowledge. The trend in photography has changed over the time and thanks to the pandemic it has witnessed a paradigm shift with more realism and rawness.

In the previous blog we had discussed the top photography trends of 2022. Those trends made us realize how the world is shifting towards realism and candid captures rather than going for poses or mock ups. Today the photographers want to capture the emotion, the rawness of the moment. Their click buttons are always on the burst mode to freeze the moment and evoke the same feelings in the beholder.

Moreover, this goes without saying; with technology on the rise, the photography domain also is taking a leap into the digital world and hence mobile photography is a trend. But there’s more to it. Take a look:

1. Drones

Drones have become quite popular in today’s time. With multiple brands jumping into its manufacturing, the camera quality of it is also improving. Moreover, drone shots have become common even  in movies, hence making it more of a culture for those photography enthusiasts who want to give extra dimension to their captures.

Though having a capture in bird’s eye view format is great, being informed about the rules and regulations is also important. If you have decided to buy a drone then do check the rules and regulations regarding it. In India, you need to have a license for using certain drones.Photography Trends For 2022 photography - Photography Trends For 2022 2 - Photography Trends For 2022

2. Outdoors and Nature Photography

With work from home becoming a norm of today’s time, outdoor and nature photography is also witnessing a rise. Be it through mobile cameras or professional lenses, pictures of woods, sky, clouds, animals, and other elements of nature are making their way to our lives through photography. People appreciate the freshness of the image and get encouraged to experience the same lifestyle.Photography Trends For 2022 photography - Photography Trends For 2022 1 - Photography Trends For 2022

3. Environmental Photography

Photography is not just a way to capture the serene and beautiful surroundings but also to reflect on the impending environment issues. Climate change, pollution, and excess waste generation have become common today and deeply impacts our environment.

Through photography and capturing these issues at the right moment to raise awareness is another field that photographers are exploring today. Today every individual is woke and is trying to bring in change to the current scenario through the tools they have. Following the same line, photographers are trying to raise awareness through their lens.

4. Activism Photography

Activism Photography is another angle that photographers are going for. Activism has become the necessity of today’s time. People are becoming woke and aware everyday and taking up the responsibility to voice it out. As a photographer you can reach the location where people are raising their voice against certain pressing issues, and capture their movement. These photos encourage others also to go ahead and follow the line of voicing their opinion.Photography Trends For 2022 photography - Photography Trends For 2022 3 - Photography Trends For 2022

5. Small Weddings and Events

Weddings and events have become very coveted and small due to the pandemic, however through photos people want everyone to participate in their celebrations. Moreover, photography during weddings and events are more about capturing the natural look and feel of the celebration. Apart from capturing the well-dressed bride, the prep times, other rituals are covered with more enthusiasm.

6. Use of Vivid Colors

Today photography has taken a paradigm shift. Vivid colors are becoming more popular. The enhancement of certain shades, tint of particular hues are quite popular. Moreover, the introduction of one shiny and colorful object in the black and white backdrop is also something that we have been witnessing these days.

The year 2022 is also full of ups and downs and is surely putting us to test. Every aspect of human life is going through changes and is looking forward to exploring the uncharted arena. To stay with the same vibe and go forward to mingle with the upcoming generation, photography is also going through alterations for better. It is no more just about creating photos but conveying impactful messages.

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, photography enthusiasts learn these intricacies along with the details to capture something new and vibrant. The Diploma in Fashion Photography is a three week long course where the technical aspect of photography is explored along with lighting knowledge.