SUNSCREEN: Budget Friendly Indian Brands


SUNSCREEN: Budget Friendly Indian Brands

Sunscreen doesn’t have a specific season that it needs to be used, because the sun is out everyday, whether it’s summer or winter. Nonetheless, sunscreen is important during the summer season as it is a time when the sun rays are at a much steeper angle, not being able to spread out as much. Hence, it is important to keep your sunscreen handy during the summer season.

As summer arrives, so do the numerous varieties of sunscreen. With all basics, it is truly believed that wearing the right sunscreen, the right way will make all the difference. So here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing and wearing sunscreen this time of the year.

Sunscreen is a must, whether you are outside or at home. The effects of the sun are permanent and you need to protect your skin, whether it’s a cloudy day or you have no plans on heading out, you still need your sunscreen on.

It is a very common query, as to how much sunscreen is too much. Follow the three-finger rule by Fiddy Snails also known as Jade – the equivalent to three fingers is the right amount of sunscreen that needs to be applied on your face to get the right protection.That will be a sufficient amount of sunscreen to keep your face and neck protected.

Here are the best budget-friendly sunscreens that we have newly launched in 2021:

Dr Sheth’s Oat & Zinc Mineral Sunscreen: SUNSCREEN: Budget Friendly Indian Brands

This sunscreen comes with a good SPF 50+ that gives you a broad spectrum of protection against UV rays, pollution and blue light damage. The matte finish is best for oily skin type – and it’s anti-pollution and anti-blue light.

Cost: Rs. 750/-

Dermafique Soleil Defense GEl Créme Full Light (SPF 30):SUNSCREEN: Budget Friendly Indian Brands

This is a gel-based formula that can also be used as a primer. It prevents tanning, photo-ageing and pigmentation in other words, it is perfect for an Indian skin type.

Cost: Rs.749/-

La Shield Lite Anti-Tanning Sunscreen Gel (SPF 30):SUNSCREEN: Budget Friendly Indian Brands

It is the most popular sunscreen in India, and is highly recommended by dermatologists all over. A gel-based formula and formulated for those with pigmented skin and  prone tanning.

Cost: Rs. 980/-

Re’equil Sheer Zinc Tinted Mineral sunscreen (SPF 50 Pa+++) SUNSCREEN: Budget Friendly Indian Brands

This mineral sunscreen comes with a unique texture in a skin tone that works for every Indian skin type  without a fault. It comes with zero white cast and adequate UVA, UVB and IR protection.

Cost: Rs. 795/-

Bioderma Photoderm Max Créme (SPF 50+): SUNSCREEN: Budget Friendly Indian Brands

This product helps activate your skin’s natural defences and protects cells. It comes in a creamy texture and leaves no white cast, which is perfect for sensitive skin that is prone to tanning.

Cost: Rs. 699/-

Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals DermaShade (SPF 30):SUNSCREEN: Budget Friendly Indian Brands

This sunscreen comes with advanced anti-aging benefits and contains active ingredients including antioxidants like Vitamin C and e to prevent free radical damage. This is the perfect sunscreen product for those looking for a soothing feel, it has aloe vera too.

Cost: Rs. 575/-

Sunscreens are important and they need to be worn regardless of the season and age. It will not only prevent tanning and sun burns but also help prevent skin cancer. A day dedicated just to raise awareness on skin cancer is celebrated on 28th of May.

SUNSCREEN: Budget Friendly Indian Brands