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There are many false assumptions that Sunscreen is not necessary during the monsoon season. The sun does not go on a vacation during monsoon, therefore neither can the sunscreen. Regardless of season, be it fiery summer or freezing winter, sunscreen is always an essential part of every skincare routine. Although there is a benefit in having a wide range of sunscreen products in

Foundation, as we already know, is the base to our makeup. It helps cover any pigmentation, blemishes or scars helping achieve a perfect base for our skills to be showcased. But sometimes, it is hard to perfect the foundation. As we apply the foundation, little at a time, it can very quickly go the wrong way if the buildup is too much. Similarly,

Sunscreen has been advised by dermatologists during the summers and it is easy to be confused with the wide range of sun protection factors (SPF) available in the market. To ensure that the sunscreen chosen provides maximum sun protection, it’s best to choose according to the skin type. Just like picking a moisturiser, toner and cleanser according to the skin type, similarly, it is

Skincare after a certain age is important to keep the skin protected from factors that cause ageing. The facial skin is sensitive making it the one to age faster than any other part of our skin. It is important to keep the facial skin clean, hydrated and protected at all times. In order to do that, it is important to keep a standard

Sunscreen doesn’t have a specific season that it needs to be used, because the sun is out everyday, whether it’s summer or winter. Nonetheless, sunscreen is important during the summer season as it is a time when the sun rays are at a much steeper angle, not being able to spread out as much. Hence, it is important to keep your sunscreen handy

Skincare over makeup is what everyone during the 2021 quarantine were focusing on, and is safe to say are still focusing on. When facemasks became mandatory and work from home was implemented, there was no room for makeup, no necessity. On the other hand, the focus went on to taking care of oneself and their skin. To have flawless skin is what everyone

Olive undertone, is a lesser known skin tone. Usually confused with golden tan there is a thin distinction between the two. Hence, inorder to choose the right foundation one has to first understand one’s skin type. What is Olive Undertone? If you are one of those that has olive undertone, then you might appear a bit green or grey and these undertones don’t lean on warm tones, cool tones or neutral