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Impact of pandemic on fashion retail is continuing to see an accelerated reliance on digital and technological mediums for fashion retail experience. With the pandemic progressing with the adoption of stay at home approach, people are moving away from traditional retail shopping experiences. There is an increased demand in loungewear and activewear and as more and more businesses are transitioning into online platforms,

Impact of pandemic on our personal style is something that many of us have experienced or are still continuing to experience while we were in the midst of the lockdown, trying to navigate the new normal. The pandemic has changed the way we approach life, carry out our daily activities and the way we work. It has inevitably changed the way we look

Innovative fabrics are textiles that combine the innovative potential of material that exist around us with the technical capabilities that man has formulated. These textiles can also take inspiration from nature in the forms of biomimicry. Innovative fabrics identify the loopholes in using traditional and commercial fabrics and offer solutions to various problems or concerns that these textiles were not capable of addressing.

Activewear, the hottest fad of the year has not only dominated our fashion and style magazines but is creating waves in our day-to-day active lifestyle. Function and fashion are the two F words this trend clearly swears by. With the COVID lockdown, wearing activewear is not just confined to the closets of professional athletes but people who want to achieve their personal and fit