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AI and fashion As artificial intelligence and fashion have become more integrated in recent years, much evidence has been that AI is used in various aspects of the fashion industry, including designing, production, marketing, and sales. How is AI used in fashion? For instance, AI-driven technologies are being used to help fashion designers create unique and personalized designs, while automated solutions help retailers personalize

Fashion education in India has been subject to misconception for a long time. The fashion industry is considered to be a glamorous industry and a life of pomp. Some people with interest find this attractive, whereas few of them consider this a bad influence and have a suspicious eye. Receiving fashion education in a fashion college is a dream for many, because of

The design spectrum is witnessing a parallel and unique evolution. The combination of Biotechnology and Artificial Intelligence is taking design to a new phase. Dutch Designer, Joris Laarman, is part of a wave of new age designers who combines Naturalistic and Futuristic ideas in his designs. The emphasis is on experimentation and the use of physics and biology as an inspiration for the designs.