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A Display by the Fashion design students of JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad is taking place in three different venues on three different dates allowing people from various parts of the city to come and experience the students’ works. The Display is being organized from 11th March,2022 up to 20th March,2022. The venues selected for this are Hyderabad Metro Rail (Ameerpet Metro

Types of textile printing include various textile processes that are aimed at applying colour or pattern on textiles. In textile printing the textile fibre is bonded with the colour of the print so that there is no loss of colour due to friction and abrasion. Printing differs from dyeing where dyeing is the process of colouring the entire fabric as such, while printing

Block Printing also known as woodblock printing is a craft that uses hand-carved wooden ‘blocks' to transfer print to fabric, paper or any other medium. It is a labour-intensive craft that relies on the ‘relief’ of its blocks to transfer design which when stamped in ink or dye is pressed along the length of the fabric to create its patterns. In order to