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Art is one of the supreme tools to communicate and reciprocate the responsibility we have as creative people towards society. During this terrifying pandemic that we are all fighting, we must and should be responsible enough to cater to society in the simplest way possible. JD Institute of Fashion Technology believes that creative designers have the power to create and it is important at

Techno Rover – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Techno Rover Designers: ALEESHA JOSHI, ABHAY SINGH Techno Rover is a collection inspired by the concept of digital nomads. These nomads are professional who travel across the globe for work and uses technology the most. With an aim to provide an ease travel, the collection comprises of trench coats, hooded jackets, fitted trousers with

AMYRAH – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection name: AMYRAH Designers: SRUTHI MOHAN, KETKI MEHTA, JEKKU THOMAS Amyrah is an experimental wedding wear for women inspired by the Ebru Art. Unlike conventional bridal fabrics, this collection uses muslin without losing the luxury and elegance. The garments are affordable since it based on a low-cost budget. Designers have done marbling technique on muslin fabric and

GRO3 – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: GRO3 Designers: SHEHIN K RAJAN, NEEHA HAROON GRO 3 celebrates unisex garment line with screen printing techniques. The collection is made up of organic dyes. Rosin Resin obtained from the pine trees is used as an alternative to the chemical binder. This collection is based on Monotone with the prints which represent the bond between

Alag Thalag – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Alag Thalag “Detachable clothes” Designers: Sushita, Samiya and Ruchika DFD July A 2017 Alag Thalag features garments where parts of the pieces can be styled, and mix matched with each other to create a new look. The collection is made of pleated fabrics and decorated buttons which makes it look innovative and fashionable. Instead

Vam’s Design – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Vam Designers: Amrutha, Mansi and vignesh (Group 44) Vam’s Design is a multipurpose product inspired by the idea of space constraints. The designers have shaped the product in an interesting manner, that it can be used as a false ceiling, a swing and a coffee table as well. This piece is extremely compact, unconventional

Tesleley – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Product Name: Tesleley Designers: Reema Khan, Baladwish.N, Ankitha.U.N (Group 46) The need and necessity of space management which is the crucial base of most of our life and the trade-off we face with it, has made it necessary for more innovations which help us utilise our space and furniture efficiently. The product ‘Teslely’ is a good example

Arin – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Award: Best Executed Product Product name: Arin Designers: Harshitha Rajagopal, Kritika Kalyanpur and Nitish Chawla (Group 29) Arin is a multipurpose side table on the underlying concept of providing multiple uses from a single service, product or activity. In concordance with the theme, the designer’s pre-eminent ideas satisfy the requirement individually or simultaneously. Inspired by the sunset colours

Indoor Farming Restaurant- Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Award: Most Innovative Project Conceptual Space: Indoor Farming Restaurant Designer: Aman Jalan Indoor farms are the next step in the evolution of agriculture. The ability to grow any crop indoors needs the combined expertise of climate control and crop science. Inspired by the primary resources like internet, journals and videos, Designers have come up conceptual space i.e.

H and M at JD Campus; One of the Biggest Recruitment It is that time of the year when Jediiians, clad in formals, sit outside the office on the brigade campus revising their much-rehearsed answers to anticipated questions on design and applications. Every year placement cell of JD Institute of Fashion Technology successfully organizes various placement drives, internship drives and workshops for their students