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Color correctors are the magic makeup products that change the way you look. Nobody’s perfect. We all have imperfections and we are born with them. When it comes to physical appearance especially, imperfections like dark spots, dark circles, redness and dullness are a part and parcel of everybody’s face. Nevertheless, the brilliance of color correctors makes these blemishes disappear as if they were never

A color corrector in simple terms is the teacher in the school of makeup. If a color corrector is a guide, the process of color correcting is the perfect guide to mastering the art of perfect makeup. A color corrector is a magic makeup product that is used to wipe out skin discoloration. Color correctors are used to even out any skin issues including

Skincare over makeup is what everyone during the 2021 quarantine were focusing on, and is safe to say are still focusing on. When facemasks became mandatory and work from home was implemented, there was no room for makeup, no necessity. On the other hand, the focus went on to taking care of oneself and their skin. To have flawless skin is what everyone

Eye Care Products are not just to reduce dark circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles but also to reduce the aging process. The reason why the skin around your eyes age faster is because it is delicate and sensitive to stretching and sagging so it matures faster than other parts of your face. In order to maintain a youthful complexion, it’s vital to use