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Creativity is the tangible as well as intangible backbone of all fields - art, science, commerce, humanities, and even daily life. Creativity builds the possibility of application and overall betterment in the domain it has been introduced. Taking fashion design education in focus, creativity is the tool that helps convert abstract ideas into tangible and concrete solutions.  The fashion design industry encourages creativity, innovation,

Do you spend your free time skimming through Vogue or GQ magazines? Maybe you love creating new looks in your notebook. Or perhaps you love watching New York and Paris fashion week shows. Or maybe you love doing all of the above. If your answer is all of them, then seeking admission for fashion design courses is absolutely for you.  Now that you’ve entered

Runaways, designer labels, Haute couture -- the world of fashion is a dynamic and constantly thriving field for creative souls with a knack for clothes and style. Fashion design schools feature a curriculum that prepares you to enter the exciting and competitive fashion industry. Even so, admission for fashion design is no easy feat.   Choosing the right university and course is the key to

Become a Future Ready Fashion Designer The dream of footprinting a professional catwalk is often the dream of many Fashion Design Students graduating from Fashion Design Courses. But to make your fortune in the Fashion Design Industry, what treasures must you strive out? The core of a Professional Fashion Designer is attired in the sophisticated collaborative business sense, creativity combined with excellent communication skills. Smart dedication