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Runaways, designer labels, Haute couture — the world of fashion is a dynamic and constantly thriving field for creative souls with a knack for clothes and style. Fashion design schools feature a curriculum that prepares you to enter the exciting and competitive fashion industry. Even so, admission for fashion design is no easy feat.  

Choosing the right university and course is the key to unlocking a range of opportunities for yourself. The right fashion design education is a great way to master essential design tools and build connections. 

So, here are some of the best tips that will make taking admission to a fashion design course at the best schools easier for you.   

What is Fashion Design?  

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Fashion design is referred to as the art of creating clothes and accessories. As an academic study field, it encompasses many disciplines, including history, business, technology, and illustration. It involves mastery of a range of skills, from market research to sketching and fabric selection.  

Fashion designers often draw inspiration from the real-world, and consumer needs to sketch out ideas. They are responsible for guiding the process from inception to production, deciding on colors, fabrics, and patterns that will shape the garment. In some cases, they may specialize in a specific kind of clothing, such as womenswear or traditional wear.  

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Although there are many specializations, designers normally work within two main areas:  

  • High-Street Fashion: High-street fashion is the commercial, media-powered fashion area that is majorly focused on clothes that are designed to be mass-produced for a broad audience.  
  • Haute Couture: Fashion designers that specialize in haute couture design customized, one-of-a-kind and top-notch apparel that can be used for the catwalk. The production process is longer, and designs are created for specific clients or brands. 

How to Secure Admission to A Fashion Design Course?  

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Here are some tips that will make it easier for you to secure admission to fashion design programs.  

1. Learn about the Fashion Industry  

If you’re serious about pursuing an education in fashion design, the first step is to do your homework.  

Research is an extremely important element in preparation for admission to fashion schools. It shows that you’re committed to the career and allows the admission committee to know you beyond the grades.  

Learn about the industry’s latest trends and developments by going through fashion blogs, magazines, and social media or taking fashion designing courses after 10th online. Being familiar with the fashion industry will further give you a head start in your studies that will serve you well when attending the course. 

2. Arm yourself with the Basics of Fashion Design  

Developing a footing in the basics of fashion design and construction – drawing, pattern-making, and sewing will make things easier for you. Most schools expect students to have some fashion design skills and knowledge.  

If you can learn these basics at your home, then you can easily pursue fashion design diploma courses. An intimate understanding of thread, fabrics, and techniques in the weaving of clothing will allow you to further plan out successful projects in the fashion design schools. Adding to that, sketching your ideas or drawing your styles will help you acquire a keen eye for details and proportion that will come in handy.  

In addition to these skills, most universities also expect students to possess knowledge of color theory and the composition and qualities of different fabric types. 

3. Build Your Design Portfolio  

Before applying to the fashion design course Bangalore, especially at the graduate level, you must put together a portfolio. It will speed up your admission for fashion design courses, as the admission committee will be able to see your talent and ability early on. 

You can add drawings of your designs and even photographs of clothes you have sewed.  

If you’re unsure of how you build a portfolio, the digital space is flooding with examples. You have to simply search for a fashion design portfolio online, and a lot of samples will pop up. 

4. Look for Interior Design Schools  

Fashion design universities feature a variety of majors and specializations within the realm of fashion. If you want to make your admission journey easy and smooth, know what you’re getting into. That means requesting course details from these schools, learning about the curriculum, and checking the accreditation statistics as well as eligibility requirements.  

When looking for fashion schools, also check internship opportunities and placement services. It will make it easier for you to acquire industry exposure and develop professional networks within the fashion design industry. 

5. Take a Head Start on Admission  

Fashion design is a popular and sought-after course – as such, many times, the seats are occupied quickly, especially in the best colleges and universities. Therefore, you must get started early with your application. Keep on visiting your interested university website to learn about the date of application. As soon as it comes out, fill out your form and submit the documents within a day’s time to secure your seat.   

Summing Up  

5 Tips to Make Admission For Fashion Design Course Easier  (2)If you’ve made up your mind for a career as a fashion designer, it’s time you commit to a dedicated fashion design course and develop your expertise. Even though admission for fashion design is competitive and challenging, starting early on will make things easier.   

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, find fashion design courses at graduate and undergraduate levels and certifications as well. Each of these is curated to instil an understanding of fabrics, garment construction, fashion design tools, and manufacturing techniques in line with the industry requirements. You also have practical sessions to improve your skills and internship for real-world experience.  

So, enlist in fashion design today and see your career transform!