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National Handloom Day is designated on 7th of August .The event honors the rich heritage and creativity of Indian handloom weavers and artisans.. Its goal is to raise awareness about the importance of handloom items in the cultural and economic growth of the country. The day also acts as a platform for weavers to be recognised and for the use of traditional, handwoven

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The rich and diverse handloom heritage of India is to be celebrated for all the eclectic contributions to the handloom and textile heritage of the world. Our country is the origin and home to countless gorgeous and rich handlooms and textiles. We as a proud and ancient country produce roughly 85 percent of the world’s handwoven products and we have the most diversity

In fashion design, practical knowledge is of utmost importance. To understand the intricacies of the design approach and techniques, aspirants need to have hands-on experience at the Industry level. It exposes them to the wee details which are necessary for their future endeavors. JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, delivers quality education to design aspirants through its various courses structure. The Institute aims to

National Handloom Day is celebrated by the Ministry of Textiles on the 7th of August, in order to protect and raise awareness of our handloom heritage. On this day, the community of handloom weavers are honoured and their contributions to socio-economic development is recognised and highlighted all over the nation. This day is commemorated as a resolution to protect our heritage of handloom

JEDIIIANs volunteered at recently concluded celebrations for VIMOR!  Vimor, a Heritage Handloom Foundation, is the brainchild of (Late) Mr. Chimy Nanjappa and her daughter Ms. Pavithra Muddaya.  It was set up to promote the rich textile culture of the country and motivate the traditional handloom weavers to continue with their art. Vimor recently turned 45 and to mark this special occasion, a celebration was