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Landscape photography is generally at the opposite end of the scale of depth of field, where the vast majority of landscape images require a very long depth of field. This is because landscapes are normally trying to recreate an actual scene as we experience it, and viewers are usually attracted to the image by the image's great depth of field. The perceived sharpness

Lens and Focal Length determines the distance between the lens and the image sensor. Also, the magnification at which it images distant objects. Usually stated in millimeters like 20mm, 40mm or 100mm. In zoom lenses, the minimum and maximum focal length are of 18mm – 55mm. The shorter the focal length, the greater the area captured and whereas the longer the focal length

Elements of Photography are the fundamentals that need to be known while capturing a perfect picture. These pointers help one understand the value and in depth of an image. The advancement of technology has seen cameras and the related equipment affordable which was seen impossible about 20 years ago. These technologies help in capturing better quality pictures and help the viewers perceive them