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Elements of Photography

Elements of Photography are the fundamentals that need to be known while capturing a perfect picture. These pointers help one understand the value and in depth of an image. The advancement of technology has seen cameras and the related equipment affordable which was seen impossible about 20 years ago. These technologies help in capturing better quality pictures and help the viewers perceive them in a better manner. The Elements of Photography include the ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed.

ApertureElements of Photography

Aperture, a setting that controls the size of the opening of light which comes through the lens. This is usually controlled by the Aperture blades which allows the aperture to become smaller and lets less light through and larger where more light is allowed to enter. It is measured in f-stops, like f/2.0, f/4.0 etc. The smaller the f-stop, the larger the lens opening and vise-a-versa. The aperture is one of the important aspects of focusing. With every one stop of aperture is reduced down the double amount light will enter the sensor. Landscape Photography needs a minimum aperture, which allows the objects in background and foreground to be in focus.

ISOElements of Photography

ISO refers to sensitivity of film or the light gathering ability. The higher the ISO rating, greater the film’s ability to capture images taken in low or dim light. It is normally measured in numbers like 100, 200, 400 etc. The higher ISO like 400 to 1000, often results in noticeable grains but a higher ISO setting of 800-3200 remarks without noticeable noise. Increasing the ISO can increase the sensitivity of the image sensor. The new modern cameras give excellent results and pin sharp focused images are delivered.

Shutter Speed Elements of Photography

Shutter Speed is the length of time the camera lets the light come in and stay recorded. This is usually measured in fractions like 1/60, 1/25 etc. this relates to the timing that the shutter is left open for. Most cameras have a huge range of varying shutter speeds for capturing moving actions like freezing the water or any event, wildlife etc. This is perfect for landscape photography with a tripod, this is a common technique to convey the sense of movement.Elements of Photography

Elements of Photography helps the budding photographers in better understanding and explore more techniques. Inorder to learn such techniques, one can enroll in 3 months Diploma in Fashion Photography today.

Elements of Photography