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New Year is not complete without revamping our makeup collections. This January 2022 there are not just new makeup collections being launched, but also new makeup brands in itself. Despite being amidst an on-going pandemic, the beauty industry is still going strong. Infact, the industry has thrived in its own way, as influencers and various makeup artists have showcased their work, and experimental

Career in the cosmetic industry has a wide range of options to choose from, empowering you with the freedom to map out your own path depending on what you would like to specialize in that matches your particular area of interest. If you are more into creative thinking, pay a lot of attention to detail and have a passion for fashion and beauty,

Makeup techniques, just like any other trend tends to evolve over a course of time. Keeping an open mind can be tough sometimes because we all have a certain comfort in being set in our own ways. But when it comes to creative industries, especially Makeup, it is required to keep an open mind because it is influenced by various seasonal trends and we have to be ready to