Special Effects Makeup workshop for students from Dept. of Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry

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Special Effects Makeup workshop for students from Dept. of Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry


Special Effects Makeup (SFX) workshop was organised by JD Institute of Fashion Technology in association with Kryolan cosmetics for the students from the Dept. of Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry. With Halloween around the same time it was an apt opportunity to learn how to create some hair raising scary makeup techniques.

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What is SFX? From simple effects like bruises, scars, cuts, blood to elaborate and complex ones like alien faces, zombies etc. are the handiwork of specialized makeup artists. These artists usually work in the film and television industry and can also find opportunities in theatre production, theme parks, fashion shows, concept-based shoots, character events like Halloween etc. These makeup techniques usually make use of cosmetics and Prosthetics made of liquid latex, gelatin, foam latex etc. which are used to provide texture and dimension to certain creatures or characters. Movies such as Harry Potter, Avatar and Lords of the Rings etc. are examples of the beauty created by SFX makeup.

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The workshop took place at the Kryolan studio located in Indiranagar where the students were guided by the in-house special effects makeup artists who demonstrated a look specially created for Halloween. The step-by-step process helped the students get acquainted and understand the intricacies of SFX better. The transformation of the model was phenomenal and raised enough shivers. Apart from the nuances of using prosthetics and cosmetics, the Airbrush technique was also used for the look. This method was beneficial as they were taught about the distance and air pressure to produce certain effects and coverage.  Airbrush is also used in films, theatre and bridal makeup.

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After observing the experts, the students were then advised to create cuts, wounds, and scars on their hands with the use of different brushes and products. This also helped to practice and gain a first-hand experience on recreating these results. They were directed by the experts during this activity.

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The Special Effects Makeup workshop was helpful and aided the students in understanding the approach, products and techniques used to gain a look. Such experiences help create an opportunity to observe and learn from experts. Apart from the knowledge about aesthetics, beauty and glamour, it is equally important to gauge the market trends and find out the varied possibilities that the makeup field has to offer.

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Special Effects Makeup workshop for students from Dept. of Makeup and Hairstyle Artistry