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Storage space is everybody’s worry. At one or the other point, one is bound to scratch their head and say ‘I need a bigger wardrobe.’ Well, unfortunately not everyone has the luxury and bandwidth to quickly change their wardrobe for a new one, a bigger one and a better one. How to increase storage space in wardrobe? Nonetheless, there are ways or tips and tricks

A dark bathroom is a depressing reality. Whose onus is it to create a bright and refreshing bathroom? Most often, architects tend to ignore bathrooms. Even otherwise, bathrooms are most generally designed in a way where there is significantly less light in comparison to other rooms in the house. The overall ambiance of a bathroom is imperative in so many ways. A bathroom is

Mirrors are an exigent factor in the process of interior design. The significance of mirrors in the spectrum of interior design cannot be stressed enough. Every single room in a house is always decorated with at least one mirror. However, the popular argument against mirrors is that they are extremely expensive. Let’s get into the right and wrong of the statement later. For now,

Design tips for interior design are always exciting. The primary reason being that interior design is such an evolving field. Every day is an opportunity for new ideas that lead to innovation. Mirrors are a design element that has the potential to accentuate the look of the interiors altogether. Mirrors have the ability to enhance the appearance of the room in dimensions, lighting and

How to make a small room look bigger? This is undoubtedly a sure-shot question every client has for his interior designers. Whether you are a single person living in the bedroom or you are a family of two or three, nobody likes a small room. However, sometimes you have no option but to live in a small room. We might not be able to