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MSc. in Fashion Design and Management 2022 batch held a semester end display on 31st March 2023 under the guidance of their faculty Ms. Kalpana. The theme for the display was ‘Seasons.’ The students combined the six modules taught in their semester. For the modules on Fashion Illustration, Fashion Thinking and Design Process they displayed their knowledge by showcasing garment renderings and design thinking

A diploma in fashion design is a program that gives students the essential knowledge and skills they need. These skills will enable them to get a job in the fashion industry after they finish it. In general, the program has a duration of one year. It also covers a wide range of topics, like fashion illustration, design principles, garment construction, textile science, and

You have your line of clothes. You have showcased your designs in numerous fashion shows across India, France, Italy and Japan. You have a recognized brand that people adore. Are these some of the things on your bucket list to be achieved in the next ten to twelve years? Apart from being successful fashion designers, what do Sabyasachi Mukherji, Ritu Berri, Neeta Lulla,

Fashion Technology sounds too broad a term to make sense? Here are the 9 basics involved in Fashion Designing. The journey of several essential steps starting from a vague idea to successful merchandising of a marketable product. Fashion Designing is a confluence of culture, trend and location to create apparels and accessories. Here are your basics to understand the world of Fashion Designing curated

Pattern making and garment construction is more than just cutting out patterns on a paper. It needs skill, time, effort and most of all resources. Creating a pattern needs pattern drafting tools. You’ll need the right pattern drafting tools to ensure smooth and easy garment construction. A fashion designer should know about all pattern drafting tools and its uses and specific functions. We at

Elements of fashion design are the components that define the design and making of fashion. By understanding the various elements, a fashion designer will be able to pay attention to the way he is designing clothes and the aspects of his making that define his creation. The various elements of fashion design are as follows: Colour Different colours hold different meanings and they have