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Skincare after a certain age is important to keep the skin protected from factors that cause ageing. The facial skin is sensitive making it the one to age faster than any other part of our skin. It is important to keep the facial skin clean, hydrated and protected at all times. In order to do that, it is important to keep a standard

Skin care meant 15 minutes of slathering products rich in vitamins on your face. Morning and night skincare routines were devoted to applying lotions and potions, with self care as a reason. Then the world changed its course, which made spending those minutes layering skincare products impossible. Skincare routines, once flaunted as the holy grail of self-care, were abandoned by many in the initial

Organic Indian cosmetic brands have boomed up in recent years and consumers are making a conscious effort to use natural and organic ingredients and say no to harsh chemicals. Though, it does not mean all organic products adhere to legitimate certifications. It is difficult to differentiate whether all organic cosmetic brands are being transparent when it comes to using chemicals and animal testing.