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Skincare after a certain age is important to keep the skin protected from factors that cause ageing. The facial skin is sensitive making it the one to age faster than any other part of our skin. It is important to keep the facial skin clean, hydrated and protected at all times. In order to do that, it is important to keep a standard skincare routine that you follow before makeup and before you head to bed at the end of the day.

SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF! [object object] - SKINCARE NOTE TO SELF 4 - SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF!Skincare can be as simple as three steps or complicated as 12 steps, but it all depends on how much makeup and exposure you have to pollution and sun during the day. The basic three step skincare routine is good enough for anyone who isn’t big on applying makeup or heavy makeup on a daily basis. But for those who wear makeup on a daily basis, it is crucial to keep a standard skincare routine and follow it as the chemicals in makeup products are also one of the causes for faster ageing of the facial skin.

Every skincare routine you have the three basic steps of removing makeup using a makeup remover or balm, cleansing, and toner or moisture. But even in this, there are points that need to be kept in mind.

SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF! [object object] - SKINCARE NOTE TO SELF 5 - SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF!1. When removing makeup, make sure that the makeup remover that you are using doesn’t contain any mineral oil or sulphate as it can kill the ability of the skin to breathe and cause irritation to the skin.

2. It is best to use a makeup remover that has at least one natural oil such as jojoba oil or almond oil which helps the skin hydrate and remove the makeup without harming the skin extensively. SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF! [object object] - SKINCARE NOTE TO SELF 6 - SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF!

3. If your skincare consists of a scrub, then it is a must to have a ‘face mask’ step following that, reason being that, when you scrub your face, it removes dead skin cells and opens pores as it cleanses the face of any makeup buildup. Open pores can also hold onto dirt and sometimes leave behind scars on the skin. In order to avoid this, use a natural face mask to keep the pores close with hydrated ingredients.

4. Skincare products that are being used need to be researched and well looked into before trying onto the skin. Every skin is different and therefore has numerous requirements. Choose skincare products that suit your skin type.

5. When talking about skincare, it doesn’t apply only to the most part of our face, but also includes the eyes and lips, being the main attractive feature that is noticed first. Having an eye cream or eye mask, lip mask or scrub is also vital. This will help remove any dirt that is not visible to the nakes eye. Using an eye product will help control puffiness and hide the all-nighters you have pulled. SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF! [object object] - SKINCARE NOTE TO SELF 3 - SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF!

6. Serum is what packs in all the 12 steps or is the perfect finish to your simple three step routine. Again, serums have numerous varieties and are important to choose as per your skin type. A serum can also be alternated with Vitamin E capsule which helps rejuvenate your skin, repair damaged skin, and restore the glow. But this cannot be used before applying makeup, as the oil is thick and will hinder when applying foundation. It is best to use vitamin E before going to bed, so it is absorbed by the skin.SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF! [object object] - SKINCARE NOTE TO SELF 1 - SKINCARE: NOTE TO SELF!

7. Nose strips can also be a part of the skincare routine, but cannot be used on a daily basis as it can damage the skin. Nose strips can be used every 4 weeks to remove any black or white heads that have been revisited. Avoid charcoal nose strips, as they cause more damage to the skin.

8. Shaving the face does not make the facial hair grow back thicker or longer, it simply helps remove any dead skin cells that have not been removed in the skincare process. But it is important to use a good quality razor such as a tinkle razor. Similar to nose strips, this is to be done once in 4 weeks. Once the face has been freed of all dead skin cells and peace fuzz, make sure to apply a coolant product such as aloe vera gel. Aloe vera gel can also be used as a protective lather while shaving. Also, after shaving it is important to avoid any makeup on the skin for 24 hours.

Skincare products are wide in range which tend to confuse you when you are just a beginner. Therefore, while purchasing the products, keep the above points in mind. Skincare routines don’t work on the first try, there will be many trials and errors, but it is something you learn in the process. The first step will always be to identify your skin type, which will help you narrow down a lane of products, from there, you learn in the process. Don’t skip skincare, it will keep your skin and mind fresh.