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Bathroom flooring needs attention and detail because you need to nail it right the first time or it is a tedious hassle to get through repairs and renovation that never fixes it right. In all other parts of the home, choosing floor options mainly comes down to appearance than function. You need your living room, dining room, bedroom, or office flooring to look great; functionality does not

Staying in cities, one element that we are devoid of is serenity. The honks from the roads, the daily humdrum, loud noises from the entertainment system of the neighbours or the awful din from the nearby construction works, the noise has become deeply integrated into our life. And hence, there has been a sudden rise in soundproofing solutions. The multiple sounds in the city

Hair loss is the root cause of physical, mental, psychological and social problems in people. Hair fall in men particularly is on a widespread increase for several reasons. What is even scarier is boys are losing their hair at a very young age resulting in severe male pattern baldness. Hair loss leads to social humiliation in men. Hair loss in men instigates inferiority complex