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How to become a textile designer ? Do you find yourself obsessing over fabric prints? If you are driven creatively, have an interest in emerging fashion and love exploring new textile techniques, you might enjoy an exciting and rewarding textile design career. Basics of Textile Design  The field of textile design enables individuals to apply their artistic talents to specific uses, such as the demonstration

Antimicrobial fabric is a textile that offers protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, and other hazardous microbes. This can be achieved by treating the fabric with a proprietary topical chemical that inhibits the growth of pathogens or by using yarns which are designed to provide inherent microscopic antimicrobial functionality such as those found in high performance fabric constructed with specialty yarns. In combination, these

Textile design is an umbrella term given for a creative practice that is concerned with the construction, design and creative application of fabrics. Finding itself applicable in a broad range of activities, textiles are versatile mediums that support adaptability, innovation and ergonomics which is what makes them highly desirable for daily activities. The career opportunities within this field are immense and evolving because