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Jewellery is an adornment that signifies wealth, power, and status, that is more than just a part of tradition and culture. In rich and diverse country of India, jewellery is not just a decorative piece of metal worn solely for the purpose of adornment. Every piece of jewellery and its intricate design has its own cultural significance. Well, the culture in India is so wide

Haute Couture, the revered and famed term, is not just another section of the humongous Fashion World. The term establishes the brand identity and not anyone can pick it up. To be considered in the haute couture there are certain prerequisites and specifications, following which the brand becomes a part of a prestigious clan that not everyone can achieve. In the Fashion Industry, not

Indian Culture has been a part of most global trends around the borders of Europe, America and Asia. The Indian are recognised for their eye-catching beauty and fashion. Additionally, they are known  for their rich hereditary arts and crafts, which is evident with the widespread of priceless paintings and sculptures spread across the subcontinent. Indian Culture impact on global fashion is not a new