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Oak wood is one of the most popularly used types of wood in the process of designing interiors. From homes to office spaces to cinema halls, oak wood is extensively used for flooring and furniture in the field of interior design. Oak wood is the finest hardwood largely grown in the United States. The slow-growing process of oak trees makes oak wood comparatively expensive

Modern interior design is a late 19th-century style of interior design that reflects uncluttered and sleek interiors. It is a fuss-free approach to living with simplicity and minimalism being pertinent elements of this style of interior design. The term ‘modern’ in modern interior design typically refers to the influence of modern art on the sphere of interior design. The term modern is often misinterpreted

Traditional interior design is one of the most popular and timeless styles in interior design. As the name suggests, traditional interior design reflects the traditional aspects of design in furniture, patterns, colours, flooring, etc. What does traditional design mean in interior design?  Traditional design is a reflection of the rich heritage and culture that history has been a part of in the course of its