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Crown molding is one of the most popular types of decorative molding in the interior design world. Crown molding is largely used to furnish the interiors of residential spaces. Crown molding is believed to add layers of sophistication and luxury. While molding is an integral part of every interior design process, crown molding is prominently used in traditional interior design. Especially if one is

Neutral colors in interior design play a key role in the furnishing of interiors. Neutral colors as recommended by interior designers have the ability to form the personality of the occupants. Although neutral colors appear to be without any color, a deeper look will actually show you that neutral colors often have undertones in their hues. It is a known fact that colors can

Warm colors have made a striking comeback in 2021. With interior design and decoration turning towards embracing the personalities of individuals, warm colors have begun the flurry of enhancing the interiors. Warm colors make a comeback in 2021- Interior design In the constant battle between cool colors and warm colors, the world of interior design has picked warm colors in 2021. Warm colors are trending