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realidad virtual en casas interior design - realidad virtual en casas 1080x660 - TECHNOLOGY IN INTERIOR DESIGN


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While designing for residential or commercial purposes the client has to be in the same place as the designer or check blue prints through email or whatsapp. In today’s world, technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. From communicating, ordering food and our purchase habits So, why should interior design be left behind? Technological prowess in interior design in the form of Online Design, 3D Design Renderings and Virtual Reality are providing clients to be a part of the design process from any part of the world.

Online Design

INTERIOR DESIGN interior design - Morpholio Board 1170x529 1024x463 - TECHNOLOGY IN INTERIOR DESIGN (Image Source: Morpholio)

 Online design or E-Design is a combination of professional design guidance, affordable prices, plus an easy and quick process that can provide a wide-ranging design options like images, floor plan, selection of furniture, suggested sample materials, finishes and shopping lists for accessories. These services typically engage a new type of design-savvy client who wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to work with a professional. This technique provides a way to experience the service without exuberant costs of frequent travel.


INTERIOR DESIGN interior design - 5afc28c725e27 thumb900 1024x677 - TECHNOLOGY IN INTERIOR DESIGN(Image Source: Freelancer.in)

3D floor plan rendering provide visual representations of the finished project and is used in industries like architecture, real estate, and interior design. It provides the client a clear grasp of what the finished room will look like, from the furniture to the finishes before investing in the actual materials.

3D Renderings are a crucial part of the presentation. By using advanced programs clients are able to get an extremely realistic perception of the proposed designs.


INTERIOR DESIGN interior design - realidad virtual en casas 1080x660 1024x626 - TECHNOLOGY IN INTERIOR DESIGN (Image Source: Asidek)

Virtual Reality (VR) is causing a massive technological disruption and is currently used in specific industry, however it is set to grow into a 20 billion dollar industry by 2020. In the near future, it is expected to expand to various industries.

Through VR one can not only view the completed project but also experience it. It enables clients the ability to zero in on certain design techniques before they happen, providing a more smooth process.

The future is now and the technology is here, it’s all about the application.