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The #NewNormal of Fashion Industry, post Covid-19 Pandemic

 It’s time to take a stock of how the fashion industry India and the world has been permanently altered through the pandemic and how to deal with this new normal that we all collectively find ourselves in. Now that we have all had our shots and are trying to make it into the new normal that Covid-19 pandemic has had.

Fashion industry suffered, struggled and evolved constantly as it was put through rough paces, to survive the pandemic. We at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, have put together a few of the subtle and massive changes that we noticed the industry endure and how it evolved to emerge triumphant with all new and colourful ideas to beat the monochrome of the pandemic bleakness. Here are 8 ways the Covid-19 pandemic has had an impact on the fashion industry.

1. The Unexpected Fashion – Lounge wear the new formal wear The bleak new start to 2020 was a blur as we tried to come to terms with the pandemic reality and hoped it would end in the next few months. Then, something unexpected. We forgot formal pants, then, vanished the formals altogether. We got comfortable with our lounge wear and we had a meeting in our pajamas. Work got done and we settled in.The #NewNormal of Fashion Industry, post Covid-19 Pandemic

2. We got dressed up to buy a bag of chips – We longed to dress up and feel human again, to return to some semblance of normalcy. Ohh! The pain this pandemic caused us. We dressed up for the little stroll to a nearby shop with a mask on, and that became the highlight of our day. As we feel relieved to return to normal, the fashion trends were in for a roller coaster drive through the pandemic.

3. The new normal for Fashion – The demand for fashion never dipped. It was just the customer needs and changes went for a whirl and the industry scrambled to respond to the new demands. The elegant blend of formals and informal wear, the whole range of colourful masks, when we got bored of white N-95 masks. We had it all before we knew we needed it.

The #NewNormal of Fashion Industry, post Covid-19 Pandemic4. Virtual Fashion shows – What are ideas worth, if not shared? The fashion ideas were presented with a whole new twist as designers used Papier-mâché dolls to roll out whole collections of their designs for the seasons. Which one of us could’ve imagined a world where a paper doll would be suited up with a J.W. Anderson? Major and home-grown brands alike found new ways and held covid fashion shows to showcase their design and went digital to introduce a whole range of new design processes.

5. Sustainable Fashion – The fast fashion tweaked itself a bit to cater to the latest addition in the fashion industry, sustainable fashion. A concept that has been long in-the-make, enjoyed great attention during pandemic. Virtual conferences and climate actions paved the way to promote safe and sustainable fashion that would help us leave a better world for the future generation.

The #NewNormal of Fashion Industry, post Covid-19 Pandemic6. Pandemic Fashion – The covid-19 pandemic introduced us to a whole new set of vocabulary, it introduced the fashion industry to a whole new set of design needs and processes. #PandemicFashion sewed glamourous, sparkly face masks and gloves, comfy clothing ranges, sneakers and comfort shoes took centre stage, personalized jewellery as they sold more charm bracelets than before. The pandemic fashion revolutionized the fashion industry.

The #NewNormal of Fashion Industry, post Covid-19 Pandemic7. New normal, new choices – Why not give the endless glare of the screens some rest and switch to something fun and inspiring? We at JD Institute are happy to tell you we have a whole range of fun courses with professional certifications. Explore the land of fashion with us and learn the art of fashion designing, hair styling, makeup.

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8. Covid Fashion Report – In many global regions, the business of fashion is set to pick up momentum in 2022, as consumers unleash pent-up buying power and dress to impress. Indeed, recovery is at the top of executives’ minds for the coming year, with 75 percent of luxury-segment executives, 61 percent of mid market executives, and 50 percent of value executives expecting better trading conditions.

However, as they pivot toward growth, a significant challenge is potential shortages of products and resources, as choked supply chains and rising shipping costs undermine operations. Over recent months, numerous companies reported struggles to manage inventory flows or tied lower sales forecasts to supply-chain blockages. In response, many have turned to remedies that include more nearshoring, in-store supply stocking, and agile operating models designed to respond flexibly to change in the fashion industry.

The #NewNormal of Fashion Industry, post Covid-19 Pandemic