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Job Opportunities After Pursuing Product Design Course

Product design has become a buzzword amidst the designer community. But when it comes to the understanding of general mass, we tend to fit product designers into a perception where they only create tangible materials on industry level. However, this is a huge misconception.

A product designer is someone who finds solutions to the problems of humankind through the analytical approach in a given market. If we have to explain it in layman’s terms then a product designer looks after the gaps of industry and businesses and with innovation comes up with a solution that delivers impeccable user experience. Take an example of a departmental store. From structuring the store to the fast check out option or the big monitors where the customers can check the availability of certain products, all have been the mindwork of a product designer.

After this comprehensive info about a product designer, let’s dive deep to know the market value of one in terms of career or job opportunities:

1. Managerial Roles:

As a product designer with experience, you can easily enter the big conglomerates or companies on managerial designations. As the company’s manager, you work closely with the objectives of the company, analyse it and identify the needs of the consumers it is serving. A Product manager takes into the vision of a product and leads a team to form it out and implement it in reality that helps in aiding the customer need along with sticking with the business objectives.Job Opportunities After Pursuing Product Design Course

2. As A Marketer:

As a marketer, a product designer closely looks at the sales strategies. He/she reads the market, the upcoming trends, the consumer needs and helps in identifying the void for the company. They strategize and utilize various marketing tools to bridge the gap, bringing profitability to the business all while meeting the needs of the customers. A product designer also helps in increasing the reach of the businesses in the world.

3. A Product Designer:

As a product designer, the work in any company is fast paced. The role demands quick and analytical thinking that helps in linking the company to their customer. A product designer helps in designing and developing ergonomical products either individually or with a team. They work on multiple projects where they create new objects or tweak the existing product to increase its efficiency. They also watch out for the competitors or peers in the market to come up with multiple products.

4. Design Consultant:

As a design consultant, an individual is required to work closely with clients and customers depending on the job designated by the company. They also help in enhancing the experience of the product for the customers/client. Feedback also falls under the job role of a design consultant where he/she evaluates the existing product of the company and gives out the pointers if any downside of it is noticed.Job Opportunities After Pursuing Product Design Course

5. In the Entertainment Industry:

A product designer can also enter the field of the entertainment industry and help in setting up the production houses, collaborating with multiple other designers on the set or off the set, help in improving the appeal of the entire set and more. He/she can also look after the budgeting and focus on the launch of multiple projects and campaigns that brings business to the company.

6. Product Manufacturer:

While stepping into the shoes of a product manufacturer, a product designer oversees the entire manufacturing process. They create or design new products from the scratch, all while sourcing the raw materials. Their job also includes quality checking of the final product and production equipment of the company.Job Opportunities After Pursuing Product Design Course

A product designer has the knack of creativity which he/she incorporates to bring novel, efficient and profitable products to the market for the benefit of both the consumer and the company. In the BVA in Product Design course of JD Institute of Fashion technology, the enrolled students learn to hone their creative side, along with getting market exposure. They collaborate with different departments to come up with problem solving products and showcase it to the world with a plethora of job opportunities available.

Job Opportunities After Pursuing Product Design Course