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interior 2 tips for designing workplace interiors - interior 2 - Tips for Designing Workplace Interiors

Tips for Designing Workplace Interiors

For most of us, the office is where we spend a good part of our day and thus it becomes necessary to ensure that our workplaces are comfortable, boost positive thinking, and motivate us to keep coming back, every day. We spend money on decorating our homes but do we really spend the same amount of time and money on decorating our workplaces? Obviously no! But the irony is that we should, as the office is where we do most of our thinking and spend the maximum time.

Workplace designing needs us to keep in mind comfort, space management, lighting, and functionality. Let us look at some of the most important factors which should be kept in mind while designing an office.


A good office design tries and maximises the use of space while ensuring that it does not feel cluttered. It is important to invest in high quality and well-designed office tables, shelves, and chairs which fit in easily yet leave enough space to move around. A cluttered office with bulky furniture gives off a feeling of suffocation and prevents fresh ideas from flowing through.

Colours and Lighting

Tips for Designing Workplace Interiors tips for designing workplace interiors - interior 2 - Tips for Designing Workplace Interiors

It is well known and even tested that colours play an important role in how we think. Thus, it becomes equally important that the colour scheme in the office is vibrant and conducive to productivity. Red colour is said to give a dash of energy while blue imparts calmness. The walls can be lined with well-designed wallpapers in the desired colours for a brighter office space. Along with vibrant colours, ample lighting is also important. The office should allow as much natural light as possible as it is said to uplift the mood. Now, who wouldn’t want their employees in a good mood? LED lights should be fixed in order to light up places where natural light is not available.

Comfort Above All

It is recommended that the office invests in good quality and ergonomic furniture as you spend most of your time working there. A chair which gives you backache or a table which is not of the desired height will only prevent you from giving your best. Thus, the office should consist of furniture which is comfortable rather than the furniture which only looks good.

Tips for Designing Workplace Interiors tips for designing workplace interiors - interior 1 - Tips for Designing Workplace Interiors

Functional Yet Professional

The mantra to design a good office is to keep it light and functional yet make it look professional. It is easier said than done but is quite possible. Keeping file cabinets along the walls leaves more space in the middle of the office and thus makes it easier to move around. It is also advised that the workplace and recreational rooms are kept separate as this encourages the employees to move out from the professional work area for some recreational time and helps them unwind. Office walls can be lined with tasteful artwork in the form of paintings and sculptures which uplift the look. Learn about this mantra with a BSc. in Interior Design and Decoration from South India’s No 1 Private UniversityJD Institute of Fashion Technology.

These are a few of the tips which can be implemented to make your workplace more fun and energised. After all, why should beautiful living be restricted only to our homes.