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Turkish Interiors – Bring the blue home!

Turkish interiors, the word paints a picture of bright, lively blue, coloured glass lanterns, hammams with soft white towel rolls and bustling bazaars. Did you know the city of Istanbul straddles two different continents? Well, it does that makes Turkey a truly delightful confluence of European and oriental culture that is emulated by their food, lifestyle and more. This confluence of different cultures over the centuries is what has created the most sought-after interior design and décor that all of west and east covets and desires. The heartland of Turkey lies in its bustling bazaars and the liveliness it adds to the din.

Turkish Interiors – Bring the blue home!

So, how do you bring the brilliant vivacity and delight to your home with adding a few furniture? Well, fret not! We are here to tell you it is possible and we can make it work. The true essence of Turkish delight can be brought to life with a few simple additions or you can go the extra length to bring all of the charm into your home with a lick of paint and more! Here are 10 ways you can bring the vivacity of turkey to your home.

The Turkish blue

The signature blue of the Turkish charm is lively, brilliant and full of life. It instantly adds character and style to the room. The Turkish blue, is a brilliant colour in its own right but might be overwhelming when overdone. So, use complimenting colour to balance the light and space in the room. Beige, white, grey and even silver pairs well with the Turkish blue. Have fun exploring different options and adding some character to the rooms to make it lively.

Turkish Upholstery Turkish Interiors – Bring the blue home!

Furniture and upholstery can add character to any living room. The brilliant blue doesn’t need to be always painted on a wall or shelves. Furniture makes excellent conversation pieces with the right people. Addition of an accent chair in deep Turkish blue can up the game and enhance the whole look of the living room. So, why delay? Bring that furniture home and cozy up!

Turkish Rug

Turkish Interiors – Bring the blue home!Soft never begins to cover it. Super-soft cozy wollen rug of Turkey is everything you a looking for, weaved for the best comfort, character and true class. The Turkish carpet or rug is called an ‘Ushak’ named after the city of Usak has acclaimed global fame for its luminous, silky wool. The traditional Oriental rugs or carpets are a class apart. Feel a piece of history adorn your living room, if that’s not living life king size, I don’t know what is!

Turkish Dresser

Well, the old school shelves and the fanciest wooden dressers in the world can never stand toe-to-toe with a Turkish dresser and win the fame. Again, it is slice of true opulence from the Byzantine era that adorns your home. This is the mark of confluence of west and the east. It’s more than a dresser, its true embodiment of the richness of the East and the class of the West. That is no humble wardrobe to be hidden in a corner. It will be the statement piece of the room and the home.

Turkish Iznik Tiles and stoneware 

You need to know the history before you judge its worth. When the Ottomon empire flourished in the 16th century, The Iznik tiles were extensively used in adorning the palaces, mosques and other structures of great significance and the Iznik tile stoneware was presented to foreign dignitaries of the time. Now, bring home the Iznik stoneware that you will inevitably place on a pedestal as a statement piece of the room, for its beauty surpasses any stoneware that you might come across in the world.Turkish Interiors – Bring the blue home!

Turkish Quatrefoil Mirror 

The Quatrefoil refers to a pattern that has 4 semicircles embossed over the outline of a square. The delightful pattern is quite repetitive in usage when you visit Turkey. Bring home the art and architecture of Hagia Sophia to your living room with a Quatrefoil mirror with bright Turkish blue tiles. An ornate mirror that reflects the character of your home and tasteful classiness.

Turkish Copper plate 

The large Turkish copper plate ages like wine. An investment in a statement piece that will enrich your lives for a long time to come. The huge handcrafted copper plate is resonant with the Turkish culture which delight in serving the praise-worthy coffee and dates. You can either use it as a statement piece to adorn and add value to your dining room or adorn your living room or your study as a wall hanging.

Persian Throws

You might think it isn’t much but they are. These cushion covers or Persian throws bring in the character that you expect your living room to have. The Turkish touch is complete with just the under stated cushion covers that makes your living room gain that luxe status. Well, have fun exploring your options and learning more about the land of Turkey, a truly delightful country.