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Graphic Eye Makeup Trends graphic eye makeup - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends Thumbnail - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends

Graphic Eye Makeup is one of the top makeup routines trending this season. The sharp black winged eyeliner trend has now become the new basic with floating lines, ensnaring colours and streaks of glitter dominate the eyes this season. The streak, the colours and the glitters merge to bring alluring sparkle of the eyes to life. The Euphoria TV series brought this graphic eye makeup trend to mainstream audience with the sizzling cast sporting bold floating streaks to entrancing sparkles that drives the grim reality home. 

Of course, all the incessant romance of the Graphic eye makeup on screen needs to find its way to ours, eventually. From classic, wing and cat-eye, the eyeliner game has come a long way. A steady hand and precise application with an ocean of endless patience is all you need to start with. Here are 5 Graphic Eye makeup looks that trending on the charts this season.

1. The Cleopatra 

Let’s begin with the boldest of them all. This trend takes the winged eyeliner to a whole new level with a floating line that frames the eyelids in the most flattering way possible. The Cleopatra eyeliner is done best free handed. Use metallic eyeshadow, preferably neutral tone that makes the eyeliner the star of the show. Begin with the classic winged liner on the upper lash line. 

This Cleopatra trend is best done bold. So, go all out with a thick bold winged eyeliner. The tricky part of eyeliner is to draw a floating line that follows the crease of your upper eyelid. Partially line the lower lash line too but ensure to leave the inner lower lash line unlined to not overwhelm the bold look.

2. Bold Bottom Liner

The bold bottom eyeliner trend is all about crashing the stereotypes. The reversed wing look follows the lower lash line to create a subtle yet alluring effect for your eyes. The look is best done with colours or better yet, glitters. Find a complimenting colour that blends well with your outfit or accessorise well.Graphic Eye Makeup Trends graphic eye makeup - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends 3 - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends

Begin the bold bottom eyeliner with a simple classic eyeliner streak that hugs the lower lash line closely. The thickness totally depends on the boldness factor that you are looking for. Sport a thick bold line or even pair complimenting colours to stack your lower lash line. Customize the look with the choice of colours or glitter to complement your outfit.

3. Multi-line Liner 

Speaking of stacking your lower lash line with cool colours and glitter, let’s use the same for a bold look that enraptures the onlooker. The classic winged eyeliner brings the A-game with the multi-stack liner that adds more character to your graphic eye makeup routine. Graphic Eye Makeup Trends graphic eye makeup - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends 2 - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends

The intimidating look is the simplest of the Graphic eye makeup looks. If you have mastered the classic winged eyeliner, the multi-line eyeliner is as simple as it gets. Begin with a classic winged eyeliner on your upper lash line and stack complimenting colours on top. Again, customize the look with colours and sparkled of your choice.

4. Floating liner 

The subtle streak of the eyeliner is one of the top trending Graphic eye makeup looks. The floating liner is a variant of the bold cleopatra look but it carves its own niche with an elegant and subtle look. The floating liner look crashes all the conventional graphic eye makeup looks by not following the traditional lash line that every other eyeliner look does.Graphic Eye Makeup Trends graphic eye makeup - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends 4 - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends

If you have mastered the classic winged eyeliner look, the floating liner is easy to conquer. It begins at the inner corner of the eye but – take special note, it follows the natural crease of your eye, not the regular lash line and the shape of your eyebrows. Nail this new floating liner look for your next happening party with a colour and glitter that compliments your outfit and hold the attention with the alluring Graphic eye makeup trend.

5. Stamp Liner 

The stamp liner is the cutest of the Graphic eye makeup trends with a short and sharp wing. The stamp liner follows the classic winged liner look on the conventional lash line but with an added new zing at the end. Use a stamp to nail the end perfectly. Use a gel liner, brush and a stamp to achieve the flattering double winged end.Graphic Eye Makeup Trends graphic eye makeup - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends 1 - Graphic Eye Makeup Trends

Begin at the inner corner of your eyes on the upper lash line and follow the natural lash line to the outer end of the eyes. Now, for the added zing at the outer end – Use the double-edged stamp to achieve the perfect Stamp liner. Easy and quick for the busy bees who want a little extra with the Graphic eye makeup look.