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Types Of Threads And Their Uses

There are numerous types of threads that are available in the market that serve various purposes. But, before which, one must understand what a thread is its importance in various industries.

Thread as we know is used widely for various purposes from household to industries. In fashion, threads are the main components in curating a design and bringing it to life. A thread in textile terminologies can be defined as a singular sequential flow of control within a program. Apart from this, the thread in terms of fashion is defined as a tightly twisted strand of two or more plys of yarn that are circular when cut in cross-section or horizontally. The thread is what holds together the garment over its lifespan.

However, not every thread that is available in the market is suitable for all types of stitching methods. The choice of thread will depend on the usage application on the garment. As previously mentioned, just like fabrics there are also various sorts of threads which are made up from different types of fibres. In general , there are only two or three types of threads that are consciously known by many consumers, which also happen to be widely used for a range of purposes. Unfortunately, those two or three types may not wor4k their magic all the time. So here are 5 sorts of threads and their uses:

Silk Threads
Types Of Threads And Their Uses

Types of threads & Their Uses: The most sort after threads are the silk thread, which is adored for its lustre

Silk threads possess great elasticity as well as enormous strength which is combined with fine diameter. They can be permanently stretched while sewing, which makes it suitable for silks and wools. Silk threads are an apt choice when working with delicate fabrics due to its smoothness that helps to stitch easily. They’re also strong. They will be used for shiny embroidery and hem stitching.

Linen Thread
Types Of Threads And Their Uses

Types of threads and their uses: The linen thread os made from the flax plant and is one among the strongest natural fibres

Linen thread is constructed from the flax plant, known as ‘Linum Usitatissimum’. It’s one among the strongest natural fibres used as a thread. The fibers are naturally light colored, and are widely sold by the cultivators and manufacturers in its natural color which is further dyes as per the consumer needs by the retailer. Linen is mainly considered to be a good alternative for cotton. This thread is eco-friendly as well as the best for practical use.

Nylon Thread
Types Of Threads And Their Uses

Types of threads and their uses: The Nylon thread is a regenerated thread that is strong as well as adaptable making it the most preferred choice

Nylon thread is one among many that is used with home sewing machines as well as in industrial applications. The nylon thread is also commonly known as  polyamide. This thread despite being a man-made fiber that first became popular among many households across the globe in 1940. Nylon thread is the perfect choice for light to medium weight synthetic fabrics that are smooth too.

Soft Cotton Thread
Types Of Threads And Their Uses

Types of threads and their uses: The soft cotton thread is widely used in sweaters, baby clothing and other winter clothing

Soft cotton is often used in winter clothing such as sweaters and jackets as they provide warth, They are also widely used in garments for newborns and children as well as any cozy accessories. The thread is visually fine and is kind of lightweight in character.

Polyester Thread
Types Of Threads And Their Uses

Types of threads and their uses: The polyester thread is a perfect choice when it comes to knitting and working with stretchable fabrics.

Polyester is one of the most suitable threads when creating knits and working with stretchable fabrics. The main reason as to why polyester threads are widely chosen when working with knits and stretchable fabrics is because of how it works with fabrics in a smooth manner and is’t easily breakable.

Types of threads and their uses is a crucial aspect of garment construction. Knowing the utilization of each thread will help a designer understand the simplest ones to curate their designs with. There are more threads and more uses within the garment housing industry . to travel in-depth about these aspects of design, get into fashion designing courses from one among the best design colleges in Karnataka, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, which has premium faculties and infrastructure which will help students explore various technologies within the career fields.Now you recognize something about sorts of threads. Use it wisely and extend your knowledge for better garment creation.

Types Of Threads And Their Uses