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UIUX – A Designer’s Guide to the Tech Industry (1) how to become a ui ux designer - UIUX     A Designers Guide to the Tech Industry 1 - UI/UX – A Designer’s Guide to the Tech Industry

If you’re a creative individual who wishes to work in a high-paying field that will showcase and challenge your creativity, the tech industry can be your answer. UX and UI design are two technology-forward areas that are ideal starting points for creatives, specifically those who prefer working on people-focused projects. This UI UX guide will focus on how to become a UI UX designer and break down how they can lead to flexible and creative work in the tech industry.

A Peek into A UI/UX Designer’s Role in The Tech Industry

UIUX – A Designer’s Guide to the Tech Industry (2) how to become a ui ux designer - UIUX     A Designers Guide to the Tech Industry 2 - UI/UX – A Designer’s Guide to the Tech Industry

UI/UX design is a vital aspect of the tech industry. It tackles the design as well as the development of user interfaces and user experiences for various digital products like websites, software and apps. A UI/UX designer is in control of creating designs that are visually appealing and easy to navigate for users.

Although the boundary between the UI designer role and the UX designer role can seem blurry at times, they have a clear distinction and specific roles within the tech industry.

A UI or user interface designer is in charge of creating user interfaces that are visually appealing and simple to use. The user interface design principles compromise deciding colour schemes, designing layouts, typography and much more. The UI designer must also make sure that the user interface is compatible with the entire brand image and product design.

UI is limited to digital work, where it is employed in every single aspect of building a digital product. Employing user interface in software engineering is what brings success to all the online platforms customers use.

On the other hand, the UX or user experience designer is responsible for the primary layout of the app on the backend, creating a primary layout for intuitive navigation and other elements. User experience design is a people-forward way of designing a product that is digitally interactive.

The role of a UX designer primarily focuses on the feel of the product. A user experience designer is responsible to check the given product’s intuitive and structural flow from one step to the next, for which they have to conduct several user tests and identify loopholes in the product navigation. A UX designer thus refines and iterates the structure of the product to best cater to the user’s experience.

In order to know more about the field, give this article about UI UX design a read!

Responsibilities Under the UI/UX Title: Understanding the Job

UIUX – A Designer’s Guide to the Tech Industry (3) how to become a ui ux designer - UIUX     A Designers Guide to the Tech Industry 3 - UI/UX – A Designer’s Guide to the Tech Industry

Building aesthetically pleasing product and branding strategies and helping the product effectively reach more users is the primary UI UX designer job description. Apart from that, they ensure that the end-to-end user journey meets its desired result with their products.

Some of the responsibilities that fall under a UI UX designer’s day-to-day work schedule are:

  • Assembling and analyzing user requirements by collaborating with a team of several members, including software engineers and product managers
  • Illustrating a collection of design ideas that complement the aesthetic of the brand by storyboarding and creating process flows
  • Crafting various graphic UI elements like tabs, icons, menus and widgets
  • Turning backend software into easy-to-use and simple products for users in an intuitive manner

A typical UI/UX job description includes collecting data on user requirements, building navigation components and designing graphic elements for the product.

Ultimately, you’ll create both intuitively functional and aesthetically appealing features that address the client’s needs and boost the product’s customer base.

How to Become a UI/UX Designer?

UIUX – A Designer’s Guide to the Tech Industry (4) how to become a ui ux designer - UIUX     A Designers Guide to the Tech Industry 4 - UI/UX – A Designer’s Guide to the Tech Industry

If reading about this UI UX designer’s guide has got you interested in the field, you must be wondering how to become a UI UX designer.

You can explore this creative field by enrolling in a user interface design course and learning the intricacies of being a UI UX designer. Alongside this, you can develop the skills required to be a successful UI UX designer in the tech world.

The UI UX career path requires you to have a great aesthetic sense and a knack for logical and intuitive design. Furthermore, having skills like communication, teamwork, and collaboration is extremely important as you will communicate with product managers, stakeholders and test users frequently.

Another important aspect of entering the UI UX profession is having a robust portfolio. It does not necessarily need to be a proper job. There are several options available for UI UX designers to build their first portfolio, including freelancing, personal projects, re-takes on classic ideas, product enhancement projects etc.

Once you have a robust portfolio and a certification from an accredited institution, it all depends on your capability to interact and network with individuals in the field to leverage opportunities.

Ambition box’s data suggests that UI UX designer salary in India can start from INR 2 lakhs and go up to INR 13.9 lakhs. This is with an industry average of INR 4.8 lakhs.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a UI UX designer needs an eye for detail and an excellent aesthetic sense. If you think you have these qualities apart from your creative penchant, you might be the perfect fit for this field. If reading about how to become a UI UX designer and the skills required to do so makes you want to explore your creativity, why not enrol in a UI UX design program at JD School of Design? This program will prepare you to design end-to-end UI UX products and become a skilled expert in the tech field.