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Ulzzang – 7 step Korean makeup!

Ulzzang, the South Korean makeup routine has the visual appeal of having babyish features with a smooth and soft finish. The word Ulzzang literally translates to ‘best face’ or ‘good looking’. The term ‘Ulzzang’ became popular in the late 90s’ with people having easy access to digital cameras. Early 2000s’ saw the rise of talent agencies began offering jobs for the best ranked Ulzzangs in the show business.

Ulzzang – 7 step Korean makeup!

The much-coveted look for the South Koreans has become an upcoming trend in India with the K-drama and K-pop being so popular for the Netflix generation. Contrary to popular opinion, the visual appeal of the Ulzzang beauty routine lies in its simplicity.

The Ulzzang appearance is characterised by soft colours, nude makeup, eye smiles (Aegyo Sal), big eyes and fair skin. This is again paired with simple outfits like sweaters, t-shirts and jeans. The makeup has a very smooth, high-gloss finish with tapered chin and babyish features.Ulzzang – 7 step Korean makeup!

The makeup routine is unisexual. Both men and women in South Korea practice the Ulzzang beauty routine and makeup irrespective of the gender. So, for all the K-pop/K-drama fans and the very special ones with 하트 아이 solely for the BTS, here is a simple 7 step routine of the Ulzzang makeup. Have fun!

Step 1 

A Clean Slate: Begin with a clean and smooth canvas. Wash your face and make sure to tie your hair back and clip the few strays in place. Scrub well and wash your face and neck clean. Use a lip scrub for even and smooth application of your lip makeup.

If you want to go the extra step to achieve the perfect Ulzzang, you may choose to use contact lenses that make your eyes appear larger. Pop on your contacts before you touch any makeup. Ensure your hands are clean and thoroughly washed to ensure hygiene.

Moving on to the crucial part of the makeup, ensure the skin is moisturised and well hydrated before you begin the Ulzzang makeup routine.

Step 2 

Primer and Foundation: Ensure to apply primer to achieve the smooth finish. The primer also helps the makeup to stay on for long. Ensure to smooth it over on the face and neck. Apply an appropriate foundation for your skin colour and use a sponge to smooth it over. Be gentle and make sure to not make it patchy. It’s crucial to ensure the foundation appears smooth on your neck and face.

Step 3

An Alternative to foundation: If you don’t own a foundation and primer, do not fret. BB Cream will also work like a charm. Application needs to be even and smooth on both face and the neck. Use a sponge to apply a smooth layer of the BB Cream and ensure that it does not appear patchy. Once, the BB Cream is in place give it a little time for it to settle and seep in.

Step 4 

Highlight & Contour: Moving on to the most crucial part of the Ulzzang makeup. Highlighter & Contour or as I like to call them, Shape Shifters. The highlighter & contour works like magic. Quite literally! It can make your face appear thinner or broader with just a few strokes of this fairy dust.

To make your face appear thinner with a tapered chin, pick out the best highlighter & contour for your skin colour (assuming you have a round face), apply the contour on the sides of your face from top to the bottom, your jawline and both sides of your nose.Ulzzang – 7 step Korean makeup!

Use the highlighter on your forehead, just below your eyes, the bridge of your nose and the small of your chin (Use some contour on either side to make them appear tapering). Apply a spot blush on the cheeks and chin for some colour. Experiment and play around with the fairy dust until you are happy with your version of the Ulzzang makeup.

Step 5

Eyebrows: The eyebrows are the most under rated part of the Ulzzang makeup routine. Straight eyebrows are a real catch. Use a spoolie and brush it lightly to perfect the straight eyebrow look. For some extra measure you may choose to use some tape to reduce the arc of your eyebrows.

Step 6 

Eye makeup: The eye makeup is a little tricky but stay with me, I will keep it simple. Apply a nude shade of eyeshadow that’s appropriate for your skin colour. Apply it evenly for a smooth finish on your eyelids and light streak below your eyes.Ulzzang – 7 step Korean makeup!

A very simple winged eye look is the best way to achieve Ulzzang perfection. Nothing dramatic. Follow the lash line and wing it slightly at the outer end. No eyeliner or black kajal below. Although you may use a white pencil (kajal) to achieve the softness. Pop your eyelashes on or if you have a healthy set of eyelashes just use some mascara for a little more volume.

Step 7 

The lip makeup: You are almost done. Choose an appropriate lip colour depending on the occasion. For a casual look, use a red lip stain or liquid lipstick and apply evenly for a smooth finish. Apply a complimenting lip gloss. Voila! you are the perfect Ulzzang. More importantly have fun doing it!



Please note this is a beauty routine that is specific to a certain demographic with facial features that support and enhances their look. Fashion, makeup and styling is universal and we do not promote beauty routines that might lead the reader to think that impossible beauty standards are considered normal and viable. This blog only discusses the existing beauty routine of South Korea for educational purposes, it is upon reader’s discretion to use or adapt the same to learn and adapt their beauty routine.