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Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide Thumbnail scope of ui designer - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide Thumbnail - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer: A Career Guide 

User Interface (UI) Design is one of the most in-vogue career options for anyone with a love for both technology and creativity. UI design focuses on the visual appeal and accessibility of any digital interface. But what is the scope of UI designer? With the rapid expansion of the digital world and the digitization of tangible companies, UI design is expected to grow over the next decade. According to Forbes, UI/UX Design is one of the top 5 in-demand tech skills for 2023.  

If you want to learn more about the scope of UI designer, UI designer roles and responsibilities, expected salaries and career paths, this blog is for you. Read on to take an extensive look at the world of UI design, what UI designers do, and what the future of UI design looks like. 

Down to the Basics: What is UI Design? 

Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide (2) scope of ui designer - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide 2 - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer: A Career Guide 

Think of an app you use daily – Instagram, for instance. You would immediately think of the latest post you saw or perhaps how you spend too much time scrolling. This overall experience of an app or any digital interface is designed by user experience (UX) designers. On the other hand, a user interface is a medium through which you get to have this experience. This is the interface that you interact with to experience and navigate the app, and that makes any digital space addictive (think ‘like’ buttons, scrolling for reels, or the ‘share to story’ button). 

UI Design thus refers to creating a visually appealing and intuitive interface that guides users through a website or app and makes it easily usable. UI Designers use typography, colours, style and branding, spacing, boldness, icons, and images to allow users to navigate the app intuitively just by looking at the interface. Some of UI designer key skills thus include: 

  • Knowledge of design software like Figma, Adobe XD and Sketch 
  • Technical knowledge of programming languages such as CSS and Javascript 
  • Strong Visual Design Skills and Attention to Detail 
  • Proficiency in Creating Wireframes and Prototypes 
  • Teamwork and Communication Skills 
What does a UI Designer Do? Key Roles and Responsibilities 

Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide (4) scope of ui designer - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide 4 - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer: A Career Guide 

The key roles and responsibilities of a UI Designer are:  

  • Evaluate: Understand the latest UI Trends and user requirements. 
  • Illustrate: Sketch potential ideas and flows, storyboards, and site designs. 
  • Design: Design visual interactive elements (buttons, widgets, colour, typography), wireframes and prototypes, and final interfaces (menus, tabs, widgets, navigation gestures) for apps and websites. 
  • Test: Test and optimise usability. 
  • Consistency: Create style guides and design systems to build consistent brand designs. 

 How Does UI Design Differ from Web Design, Graphic Design and Front-End Development? 

Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide (1) scope of ui designer - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide 1 - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer: A Career Guide 

UI Designer vs Web Designer: While web designers focus on designing and coding web pages to look visually appealing and display information, UI designers focus on designing an interface that is easy to navigate. This can include action button placement, colour scheme and layout to increase usability.  

UI Designer vs Graphic Designer: While both work with creative elements and colourful layout design, UI designers focus on an interactive interface that guides the user and promotes a seamless experience, whereas graphic designers focus on visual content that conveys a message or emotion. 

UI Designer vs Front End Developer: UI designers work closely with front-end developers but in different roles. A UI designer focuses on designing interactive elements that help users navigate through an application. A front-end developer translates those designs into code and creates working models of the websites and apps.  

What is the Scope of UI UX Designer In India?  

The digital revolution has given rise to a plethora of new fields and careers. UI/UX design is a career that was virtually non-existent a decade ago, and it is now one of the most desirable roles globally. This trend is expected to continue with the advent of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and an expanding digital market. In fact, most jobs that 2030’s college graduates will have, haven’t been invented yet.  

With respect to India, the widespread accessibility of the internet due to JIO has created a brand new market for digital enterprises that didn’t exist 5 years ago. This has led to the launch of multiple startups and the establishment of tech giants in India, leading to a boom in demand for UI/UX designers- a demand that is expected to keep growing over the next decade. 

Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide (3) scope of ui designer - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer A Career Guide 3 - Unveiling the Scope of UI Designer: A Career Guide UI Designer Career Path 

A UI designer’s career path depends on their level of experience, skillset and portfolio. The career path of a UI designer from entry-level to senior management can look like this: 

  • Entry Level (0-2 Years of experience) 
  • Junior UI Designer (2-3 Years of experience) 
  • Mid-Level UI Designer (3-5 Years) 
  • Senior UI Designer (5-7 Years) 
  • Design/Product Manager (6-10 Years) 
  • Director/Chief of Design (10+ Years) 
How Much Does UI Designer Make? 

The salary of a UI designer varies based on role, company and level of experience. According to AmbitionBox, the average annual salary for a UI designer in India is INR 4,00,000 (29-30k per month), with salaries ranging from INR 1,50,000/- to INR 10,00,000/- per annum. This salary tends to increase with experience. 

It is important to note that a UI designer can increase their salary faster by building experience, but also through upskilling and absorbing the skills of UI/UX Design to pivot into design/project management roles quicker.  

Where are UI Designers in High Demand?  

As the world moves towards digitization, the demand for UI designers is expanding to all industries. Some of these industries include web design agencies, mobile app development agencies, software companies, IT companies, E-commerce businesses, digital marketing agencies, UX design agencies, AI interface design, AR design, and Big-Tech companies with a focus on android UI design.   


We hope that this blog answers your queries about the scope of UI Designers. It is obvious that UI design is an up-and-coming career path that establishes the perfect balance between technology, creativity and challenges. If you are interested in creating the next big app, designing that one game people can’t stop talking about, or being a catalyst of the upcoming technology and AI revolution, UI design is the perfect career for you. The UI/UX design industry is about to see some very exciting developments in this decade, making it a great time to get aboard the UI design train! 

If you’re interested in becoming a UI designer, consider enrolling in the JD School of Design’s Master’s degree in User Experience and Interface Design. An innovative course for the modern designer, this can be the thing that sets you apart. Start your UI design journey today!