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What’s in for Interior Design Students at JD Institute of Fashion Technology

What's in for Interior Design Students

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a building. Often the objective is to help achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space.

Interior designers must consider the following while performing their roles:

  • Aesthetics of the interiors
  • Ergonomics of the interior spaces
  • Optimization of space for human occupation.
  • Cost of making the changes to meet the above three requirements.

At JD Institute of Fashion Technology, by enrolling for a 3 year B.SC in Interior Design & Decoration, we train students to have an exceptional sense of aesthetics. Our Interior Design Course allows students to develop a unique understanding of colour sense, and the relation between elements of design, space and colours. Human convenience is an essential factor to be dealt with. A good interior designer should have the following faculties:
The A good sense of measures inside the building, maximum dimensions of various furniture, etc.

  • An exceptional colour sense and the ability to find out matching colours between the walls and the Venetian blinds, curtains and so on.
  • The effect of proper illumination and arrangements of air coolers and air conditioners.
  • A right mix of ergonomics, aesthetics, and hygienic practices.

Above all, interior design is a creative art. In our 1 year Diploma courses in Interior Design we impart ideas that are our out of the box and thinking that often help students in developing new concepts and practices. Human convenience is of prime importance to interior design.

In the Interior Design courses at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, interior design students have to work in conjunction with the civil engineering and architect’s practices to get an adequate understanding of practicalities of Interior Design.

Most of the enhancements in connection with interior decoration involve installation of new attachments to existing structures.  Students are taught the responsibility of cost and material efficiency to adhere to sustainable design and ethical practices as much as possible.

We aim to bring in several innovations in Interior Design learning that will result in optimal design practices. Ergonomics is yet another essential criterion which should be considered while interiors are designed.

To summarize, the job of interior designer demands several, multifaceted talents and at JD Institute of Fashion Technology, our various Interior Designer Courses help students to graduate into a professional Interior Designers with excellent aesthetic and technical knowledge.