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Interior Design As a Career (6)

Is interior design the Right Career Choice?

Do you find decorating exciting? Is it something you would like to do for a living—go shopping for home décor items? Do you believe you would be delighted to work for someone else to renovate their home? If so, perhaps it’s time to think about making a living off of interior design.

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Making interior design your professional job may be incredibly fulfilling and life-changing. Today’s interior designers can find inspiration and technical soundness through a plethora of social media platforms and software. This may seem like a glamorous career, but it can also be very demanding in terms of creativity. No matter what kind of area you’re given, if you truly enjoy designing interiors and have an eye for style, you’ll never get bored.

We’ve compiled a list of the best qualities and abilities that interior designers should have; if you believe you meet every need, you might want to think about changing careers to interior design!

Five Competencies That Interior Designers Should Have:

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Let’s look at the top 5 abilities an interior designer should ideally have before discussing whether interior design is the correct career for you. If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you’re already halfway to being an interior designer!

Positivity and a can-do attitude are crucial in interior design, particularly when adjusting for the unique needs, available space, and financial constraints of the customer.

Communication: In addition to their team members, interior designers frequently have to communicate with engineers, architects, labourers, and workers. To transfer smoothly, there must be a smooth flow of communication with everyone.

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Multitasking: In addition to designing spaces and allowing for changes, interior decorators also have to hunt for fabrics, other materials, and other items. They also have to deal with many other unsexy aspects of the job, such as haggling with suppliers and other parties.

Being creative is essential to the job of an interior designer; one must always be coming up with new ideas for decorating interior spaces. It’s critical to generate ideas for effective space design and to be artistically inspired.

Flexibility: When it comes to their work, interior designers are incredibly adaptable. Even though they might not always agree with the client’s vision, they nonetheless need to incorporate it into their own.

Ten Indications That It’s Time to Become an Interior Designer

  1. You Like Taking on Difficult Projects

Apart from having a natural flair for design, of course, one of the main reasons people choose interior design as their job is that they enjoy taking on interesting and complex projects.

Each interior design project—whether it be for a home, business, or other setting—is unique and will put the designer’s creativity, technical proficiency, patience, client relationships, and general commitment to the test.

An interior designer must remain dedicated to the project for the whole of its duration, which might range from three to twelve months or longer. Keeping to schedules and budgets, completing the promised design, and locating the necessary supplies can be some of the most difficult parts of any project.

  1. You take pleasure in redesigning interior areas, even if just mentally!

Are you the type of person who enters a room and starts mentally remodelling it right away? Maybe a career in interior design is what you should do! The majority of creative types enjoy doing small-scale interior design projects for pleasure with their friends and family. When it’s feasible, they enjoy using their imagination, creativity, and skills to help decorate environments.

Maybe it’s time to think about interior design as a career if you always find yourself moving furniture the moment you enter a room, restaurant, or business, or if you have suggestions for improving a space’s usability!

  1. You enjoy staying up-to-date on the newest interior design ideas.

Do you often spend hours on end browsing through social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and others, saving pictures and interior design ideas? Even though the majority of us enjoy gazing at visually stunning environments, we typically just save or pin pictures of them.

However, if you find yourself drawing ideas from these designs and renovating your interior spaces whenever you can, you might want to think about becoming an interior designer as a career! Do you enjoy reading about the newest developments, viewpoints, and trends in interior design?

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We also suggest viewing shows about interior design, flipping houses, and real estate, as well as following some of the top interior designers around the globe. In order to give you a better understanding of the creative challenges and everyday lives of an interior designer, let me clarify that it’s not quite as glamorous as Netflix or HGTV could portray it.

  1. You wish to work in a variety of industries.

Did you know that working in interior design can expose you to a variety of industries? Yes, you could design not only residential or business buildings but also resorts, hotels, restaurants, art galleries, public areas, libraries, museums, and even places of worship. You might enjoy interior design if this intrigues you!

Interior designers are able to select their area of specialisation and then pursue projects within that specialisation. As an alternative to specialising in sectors, you may focus on certain topics, like sustainability. Just picture yourself as an interior designer with a forward-thinking eye who can create rooms that are sustainable, repurposed, and recycled! If it seems exciting to you, you know what line of work to pursue!

  1. You are meticulous about details all the time.

The unique quality of interior designers‘ attention to detail is what makes them unique. Layers and depths are frequently created in a place by interior designers. When they look at other spaces, this enables them to look for depths, layers, and details.

The phrase “the devil is in the details” describes interior designers, who must possess both a creative and meticulous attitude to meticulously attend to every last element of a project and see it through to completion.

  1. You take pleasure in resolving space-related issues.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a large amount of floor space these days, especially if they live in a city. This has made space a major problem. Making the most of small or constrained space is therefore the problem that most interior designers encounter.

If you have an eye for design, you probably enjoy finding creative solutions to space constraints and maximising limited areas to fit the greatest furniture while maintaining maximum functionality. Ever attempt to resolve a spatial problem? To the best of your ability, draw a small-spaced 3D floor plan using software such as Foyr. This will enable you to determine whether you enjoy finding solutions to space-related problems.

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  1. You are constantly searching for new furnishings and home accents.

It’s imperative for interior designers to stay up-to-date on the newest ideas, fashions, and advice in the field. This entails keeping an eye out for the newest pieces of furniture and home décor. If you’re always in the market for new furniture and décor, interior design might be your calling.

  1. You like to figure out how things operate.

The desire to understand how things work is one of the most important soft skills and interpersonal abilities that an interior designer should possess. If you’re a puzzle solver who enjoys working through issues related to budgeting, design, and spacing, this is the full-time career path you should choose.

The duties of an interior designer include coming up with ideas, addressing space concerns, fixing problems, and assisting clients with design conundrums. You know what to do if all of this is enjoyable for you.

  1. You enjoy going on adventures in search of objects.

Many designers of interiors enjoy the hunt! Yes, they enjoy spending time browsing both online and off to find the best and newest supplies, materials, and textiles for their next projects.

In order to source the greatest pieces, interior designers must also discover the correct vendors and interact with them. If you enjoy shopping for household goods and know where to get the greatest stuff, you could consider making this your career and giving back to the community!

  1. Your loved ones come to you all the time, asking for decorating ideas.

And lastly, do your loved ones come to you all the time for home design advice? Do you enjoy having conversations about interior design? Do you enjoy giving your opinion on how best to furnish a room? Maybe you shouldn’t be giving away your services if people frequently ask you how to improve a space’s functionality!

They might fall in love with the way you’ve styled your home’s interior or the way you talk about interior spaces. Maybe you have assisted them in designing a more utilitarian and minimalist style for their homes. Whatever it is, it’s time to think about making interior design your full-time career!

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Are you prepared to become a career interior designer?

Are you confident in your creative abilities? Are you eager to share your interior design tips with others, even if they have a limited budget? Interior design can be your calling, then.

If you found yourself nodding along to every item on this list, you may already be an interior designer—you just aren’t aware of it yet! Develop your abilities, learn more, and join the most prestigious interior design community. This will give you a better grasp of the industry and assist you in determining if you wish to pursue a career in interior design.

Are you trying to find more advice and insights about how to become an interior designer? Then look no more and join us at the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Connect with us to get on the best route to your dream career.