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Treehouse 3

So Stylish and Luxurious, It is Hard to Believe that It is a Treehouse

As South India’s No.1 private college, and a leading design institute, we’re always on the lookout for inspiration. A search for ideas that inspire students in design courses when it comes to interior designing. This Origin Treehouse is a perfect example.


Some treehouses are rustic and basic. Others are little more than hiding places for children. This one is very different. It’s almost like a hotel, with a spa and lounge included.

Designed by Atelier Lavit, the Origin Treehouse is at Château de Raray in France, and it is wrapped around a century-old majestic oak tree. On a lower level, there is a heated spa and lounge area. And higher up, accessed via a suspended platform, there’s the actual treehouse designed in the shape of a bird’s nest. It fits perfectly into the surroundings.


The actual living space within is protected by sliding glass doors is lined with poplar panels. The architecture and interior design live up to the principles of hotel planning. It is classy, simple, and fuss-free. Then, there’s the bedroom and a corridor that has a dressing room and a bathroom

In a thoughtful touch, there’s a wooden ladder that is accessible from the back deck. This leads to a rooftop terrace from which you can get stunning views of the forest.

Lessons That We Can Learn in Terms of Design

It’s bright, it’s unique, and it’s wonderfully executed. As the architects of the treehouse have commented: “Majestic and elegant, it integrates and completes an already impressive landscape, sublimating it by offering a shelter.”

You’ve Never Seen a Treehouse like This Before

For those pursuing interior design courses, it’s important to see how integrated and natural the look and feel of this treehouse is.

It has its own distinct identity, it has taken a great deal of thought and planning, and it perfectly blends into the location, offering a unique and memo

You’ve Never Seen a Treehouse like This Before