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March 2017

Success Story of NIKHIL F5 Refresh Café – Renovation (August 2016 to September 2016) F5 Refresh café, Brigade road was a combined renovation project with my classmate, Amith P. The project was brought to us by a friend, after seeing our work in class. We were involved in designing the furniture, flooring, upholstery & lighting for the space followed by BOQ for the same.   #JDinstituteoffashiontechnology

Interior Design - Elements and Principles of Design - Diploma E Students of Diploma E 2016-17 batch displayed corner spaces underlying the concept of Elements and Principles of Design. The spaces were based on the ideation of creating a vibrant space inspired by their native villages or cities. The corner spaces were converted into cafes, meeting joints, parks, etc. The students perfectly blended their

Success Story of MEHUL BHANDARI - Department of Interior Design   Cafe Entropy, Koramangala (February 2016 to March 2016) The first project I worked on was a Café at Koramangala, Bangalore, with one-year diploma student - Navyatha Kumar. The entire project was done by using recycled materials which were challenging. Also, it was a difficult task to bring in recycled materials and good fabricators and to

Industry Expert - Reuben Jacob - Interior Design Department Another industrial talk session unfolded in the series of talks for Sustainability, Innovation, and Ethics where an industry specialist was invited to JD Institute of Fashion Technology – Bangalore, to deliver a talk to the students of Interior Design Department. The person of focus was Reuben Jacob who is an architect, maker, and storyteller. He

THARANGINI WORKSHOP – JD INSTITUTE OF FASHION TECHNOLOGY The students and faculty members of JD Institute of Fashion Technology actively participated in four different workshops organized at Tharangini. The workshops were in sync with the emerging and contemporary trends that are omnipresent in the industry. The students got an opportunity to attain supplementary exposure to understand the infusion of traditional and modern techniques which

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY CELEBRATIONS - JD INSTITUTE International Women’s Day is widely celebrated on 8th March to celebrate the fearless women of the universe. The day is all about celebrating unity, equality, achievements and the wonders, women are capable of creating. The women of today are not driven by stereotypes but by the desire to break the stereotypes and emerge victorious in the fields

Silver Filigree Craft Exploration - Jewellery Design Department The students of JD International Design School, Jewellery Design Department were accompanied by their HOD – Ms. Surbhi Gupta to Karimnagar to explore and discover the intricacies of the rich Silver Filigree craft. Arroju Ashok was the person of interest who not just revived the dying art of filigree but conserved it by interacting with his