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June 2017

Paper Pulp Workshop - Advance Diploma in Interior Design - Batch of 2015 A workshop on Paper pulp was organized for Advance Diploma in Interior Design Batch. Inspired by the History of Art discussion in class, the students were intrigued to experiment on modelling objects with paper pulp. Guided by their faculty Ms. Pallavi Das, the students started working with the muddy looking paper

Visit to National Gallery of Modern Art - Department of Interior Design The students from the Interior Design Department paid a visit to The National Gallery of Modern Art, Bengaluru. Spread over an area of 3.5 acres, the gracious heritage building was transformed from a residence into an Art Gallery, with a display space of 1551 square meters to which a new gallery block

Art Installations - B.Sc in Fashion Design - Batch of 2017 Stepping into a world of creativity exposes one’s minds to new ideas and perspectives which are later translated into reality. Over time, the way JD Institute of Fashion Technology welcome the students is getting more and more refined and improvements are brought about every year. For the recent B.Sc batch in Fashion Design,

Industry Visit - Radhamani Textiles Pvt Ltd. The fashion design batch of JD Institute of Fashion Technology visited Radhamani Textiles Pvt. Ltd. as a part of their industrial visit. They manufacture men’s shirts for brands like Pepe, Mango Man, Desigual and other European buyers. Poe and Rare Rabbit are their own in-house brands. The plant has an output capacity of 4000 shirts per day

Workshop by Mr Pradeep Kallur-MD of Medini-Autodesk on BIM Technology JD Institute of Fashion Technology is proud of its academic association with Medini-Autodesk. Finding the most unique part of developing and nurturing one’s imagination, it requires a crucible of people, ideas, technology, processes and industry exposure. As an institute, we are constantly striving to bridge the gap between the theoretical and practical knowledge imparted

Syndeo - Future Origin - JD Annual Design Awards 2017 Award Category: Best Conceptual Space Product Name: Syndeo Student’s Name: Linda Roslyn Roy Syndeo is a design that’s light, mobile and gives you complete control over form based on the need for space. Adaptability is the key to survival and modular architecture allows for constant upgrades with every new generation and innovation in technology. The concept behind

Sane Gardens - Future Origin - JD Annual Design Awards 2017 Award Category: Most Market Viable Product Product Name: Sane Gardens Student’s Name: Vinay Bhargav Sane Gardens is a conceptual space designed by the collaboration of science, innovation and sustainability. By visualizing these key elements, the designer has constructed an advanced space where space accounts itself for the original concept of ‘future origins’. The space created is

Cosmid - Future Origin - JD Annual Design Awards 2017 Award Category: Best Meditation Center Product Name: Cosmid Student’s Nam: Samar Zahra Hussain Cosmid meditation centre is a futuristic and revolutionized centre to unwind and relax. The structure is designed in a way, that it keeps the future in sync and appears like an evolved pyramid. In the current scenario, the centre can be constructed using ferroconcrete

Lotus - Future Origin - JD Annual Design Awards 2017 Award Category: Most Future Originistic Design Product Name: Lotus Student’s Name: Syed Shoukath Lotus meditation retreat is proposed to be located on Lakshwadeep island and is inspired by a lotus flower. Following the inspiration, the pivotal and central space is turned into the reception area and the other parts, such as the petals of the flower is

Fangled – Future Origin – JD Annual Design Awards 2017 Award Category: Jury’s Choice Product Name: Fangled Students Name: Anuka Sreereddy, Niriksha Srinivas, Bishwajith Mishra Inspired by the solar portable charger, the product Fangled is a transparent solar window. The window is made out of aluminium as it’s a good conductor of heat and electricity and also use transparent solar glass with cells. Aluminium is bio-degradable and