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July 2017

Steppers - Future Origin - JD Annual Design Awards 2017 Product Name: Steppers Students Name: Rahul Jain and Bijeta Kharel Steppers is a conceptual space which aims to focus on conservation of nature and follow its ethics by utilizing the least amount of materials and energy. The idea behind steppers is unique because of the materials used to make it. The materials such as pavegen tiles,

Mystique - Future Origin - JD Annual Design Awards 2017 Product Name: Mystique Students Name: Shreya Chopra and Vidushi Mystique is a conceptual space that underlies the principle of magnetic field architecture. The magnetic field architecture is a modern technology and can be utilized optimally and effectively to make buildings safer.  This advent technology can help structures withstand destructive forces of any natural calamities and can

Display of Fabric Draping - Diploma Batch - Department of Fashion and Apparel Design Creativity is boundless and when creativity is paired up with enthusiasm, it leads to great outcomes. The students from the Diploma batch tried their hand at fabric manipulation using pleats and gathers, on their path towards exploration of different draping techniques with muslin. They also experimented with the silhouettes and