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November 2018

Interior Designer Salary A perfect home is the aim of every homemaker. One of the most important factors is interior designing. You may have every facility starting furniture, kitchen cabinets, special rooms, curtains, linens at home etc. But, without a perfect idea of interior designing, your home may look totally empty or clumsy. This is where the interior designers play a vital role. Individuals

Eligibility for Fashion Designing Gone are the days when youngsters in India had to head out of the country if they wished to study fashion designing. Thus, a few could afford to be a fashion designer in India. But with premier institutions like The NIFT, Vogue and JD Institute mushrooming in different prime cities of India, fashion designing has become one of the most

Metamorfosi – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Metamorfosi Designers: Beema Fatima, Khateeja Faisal and Sonali Tadon August weekend 2017 Sustainable development is the balance of meeting one’s own needs without jeopardizing future generations. Keeping this in mind, the designers have used ERI SILK which is processed without killing the silkworm, hence making it the “mother of all” sustainable fabrics. Just like the

Wandering Looms – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Wandering Looms Designers: Vani, Amrutha and Nethra DFD June 2017, Yelahanka Wandering loom is a collection that features upcycled shawls into contemporary Gypsy wear. Inspired by Macro craft, the collection combines interesting designs of decorative shawls with solid colours to create new contemporary garments. The garments add a flair for adventure and rebelliousness of

Zuber – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Zuber Designer: Ishitha DFD June C 2017 “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat” by Karl Lagerfeld. He didn’t know how to quit, rather followed, created and believed in it. Inspired by the eponymous designer’s quote, the collection Zuber aims to achieve it for the breast cancer people who have conquered their inner battle. In support of

The U-turn ensemble – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: The U-turn ensemble Designers: Sohinee, Ravina and Varsha DFD October 2017 A school is an essential environmental for learning. As children spend most of their time in school, it is essential for them to encourage uniforms that allow for vigorous activities. The collection U- turn ensemble is to replace the normal school uniforms with

Forthcoming – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Forthcoming Designers: Pavithra and Priya DFD June C 2017 Forthcoming addresses the clothing needs for the school children. The collection features school uniforms that are rarely talked about. The fabric used for the line is empowered and laden with multiple features and provides solutions for the problems being faced by students in the present scenario.

Mosrepel – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Mosrepel Designers: Manisha, Jinal and Khyati from DFD June A 2017 Mosrepel is a collection to bring a change for the people in rural India. Anti-bacterial organic mosquito repellent clothing is used to keep all the bacteria and mosquitos away from the wearers. The collection improves the old fashion style in a modernized through mix

Stand By for the ease of pain – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Stand By: for the ease of pain Designers: Abhinitha, Divya and Sonali DFD June C 2017 The secret to change is to focus all your energy on building the new. The Barcode eliminates error and is more convenient for invoice recording likewise the collection Stand By brings palliate to

Burgeon – Change – JD Annual Design Awards 2018 Collection Name: Burgeon Designers: Ranju, Bhavani and Saranya DFD June 2017, Yelahanka Embellishments and Embroidery is an ongoing trend in the current generation. Looking to it, the collection Burgeon brings forward a brunch chic collection with a beautiful embroidery and fabric manipulation. Here the fabric manipulation is done by using synthetic fabrics which later reduces the burden