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March 2019

Fashion Podcasting: The New trend on the block With brands, influencers, and almost everybody wanting to make a name out there, following the “content is king” principle like it is the holy grail, what the other end of the spectrum is left with, is the constant need for consumption. While it is not safe to browse websites or scroll through social media when driving, it

Most Memorable Covers of 2018 Fashion trends are known to take unprecedented turns with each season. Fashion magazines are the best way to catch the gist of trends that are currently hot. The casting of talent and models in magazine covers reflect a lot about the hottest buzz of the fashion sphere. The theme of “inclusivity” ruled the fashion world this year and it

Differentiating Between Vintage And Retro Fashion Fashion can be confusing sometimes, even for the pros. One common dilemma faced by most enthusiasts is that of recognising the difference between retro and vintage. So what is the big reveal? No really, who came first? The chicken or the egg? (err.. Confusing isn’t it?) “Retro” and “Vintage” are two categorical descriptions of fashion and design. Differentiating between

Talk Session with GM Modular | Interior Department JD Institute of Fashion Technology has metamorphosed into an industry leader that develops courses by understanding the needs of the entire spectrum of the industry. The Academy ensures that the students go through rigorous industry activities, thus making learning more effective and engaging. JD Institute recently organized a talk session for Interior Department with GM Modular on

Factory visit to Nikhaar Jewels | Jewellery Dept As JD Institute believes in giving lots of exposure to students during their one year of diploma course in Jewellery design. So, it was an exciting experience for students when Nikhaar Jewellery Pvt ltd. Agrees to give an introduction to jewellery manufacturing process and show them their manufacturing unit. Nikhaar Jewellery, a brand which concentrates on exclusive and

Why Fashion Resellers are Gaining More Popularity Lately? Smart shopping has a new name and that is 'buying from resale'. More and more women prefer shopping from resale fashion sites, which has caused fashion resellers to come to the mainstream. They offer an outlet for impulsive buying without having the 'buyer's remorse' later. According to ThreadUp, an online fashion reseller, it is the resellers who

CSR in Fashion: 5 Compassionate go-to Strategies The fashion sector has been growing exponentially worldwide in the last couple of years. This expansion is evident when we see folks flocking the malls and fashion retail stores every weekend. Online platforms have also lent a helping hand in the development of this industry. In the consequent years, the numbers are expected to grow even more.

The Future of Fashion is Fur Free. Here's Why Gucci, Micheal Kors, Hugo Boss, Armani - do you know what all of them have in common apart from being high-end luxury fashion brands? They are all fur-free right now! While for many fashionistas fur might represent luxury and old-school glamour, for others it means needlessly killing animals for vanity. And the latter group is