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why fashion resellers are gaining - Fashion Resellers - Why Fashion Resellers are Gaining More Popularity Lately?

Why Fashion Resellers are Gaining More Popularity Lately?

Smart shopping has a new name and that is ‘buying from resale’. More and more women prefer shopping from resale fashion sites, which has caused fashion resellers to come to the mainstream. They offer an outlet for impulsive buying without having the ‘buyer’s remorse’ later.

According to ThreadUp, an online fashion reseller, it is the resellers who are taking over closets, and Poshmark is considered to be the biggest of them, having raised a funding of nearly $153 million. The same report from ThreadUp also states that millennials generally discard clothes after a maximum of 4-5 wears, making them out to be the wasteful generation. But, this generation also prefers to buy sustainable fashion and fashion resellers are the driving force of sustainable fashion. And, it’s not just the millennials who are gravitating towards secondhand fashion, but it has also been a well-kept secret among the older consumers. Good value for money is what every consumer is looking for and secondhand fashion gives it to them.

Why Fashion Resellers are Gaining More Popularity Lately why fashion resellers are gaining - Fashion Resellers - Why Fashion Resellers are Gaining More Popularity Lately?

If you’re one among the many who have shifted to shopping from fashion resellers, here are some tips for buying apparel from these sellers:

Quality Is Essential

To know which brands are ‘in’ right now, browse through a resale site for the brands they are accepting. But, the condition of the clothes and their quality should come before brand names.

Check for Defects in the Description

Disclosing defects about the product in the description is the mark of a good fashion reseller, and as a smart shopper it’s your duty to check for such descriptions.

Good Photos Help You Judge the Product

A quick snapshot of a piece of apparel should not be enough incentive to buy something. Always look for products that have clear, high-quality photos taken from various angles to get a good look. You don’t want to regret your purchase later on.

Fashion Resellers Are on a Growth Trend

Smart shopping and sustainable fashion are intertwined concepts and the latter comes from buying secondhand apparel. Fashion resellers are gaining increasing popularity and are being used by many smart shoppers. The trend of buying from resale sites has only come to light in recent times but is not going away anytime soon. Getting branded clothes for cheap only sweetens the deal.

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