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February 2021

ALOHA 2021 - a Hawaiian beach themed Freshers party and talent show was organised by JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Cochin for the new batch of creative heads on January 5th 2021. The floor marked the celebration to a student’s new journey of life with pulsating ambience, flashing lights and foot tapping music. Students were divided into three teams – Vega, Lyra and

Today when the world cannot stop going crazy about social media, then imagining businesses without good graphic design is like wearing sweat pants on the red carpet. True, isn’t it? The world of marketing demands every company to be visually appealing for the audience to stick around through all the stages of the marketing funnel. Great visuals are something that attracts the audience like a

The fashion industry has witnessed tectonic changes due to the ongoing pandemic situation since the beginning of 2020. The challenges also brought with it myriad opportunities, innovations and technological gateways. Though these may have been around for years, its significance was witnessed during this past year. Many brands that adhered to conventional forms of business, have made a complete overhaul in their business models