Graphic Design: How Important Is It?

Graphic Design

Graphic Design: How Important Is It?

Today when the world cannot stop going crazy about social media, then imagining businesses without good graphic design is like wearing sweat pants on the red carpet.

True, isn’t it?

The world of marketing demands every company to be visually appealing for the audience to stick around through all the stages of the marketing funnel. Great visuals are something that attracts the audience like a moth to light.

 Human beings are visual creatures

Graphic Design: How Important Is It?
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A good design can give your business a competitive advantage over others. It can help your business find its way to be distinct from the crowd of millions in the digital space.

Content is indeed the king, but graphic design is no less, when it comes to its significance in the marketing domain. Today, companies or businesses from every sector have to scale up their marketing game with visual aids to attract, retain and gain the confidence of their customers. Now, that’s not only limited to B2C companies but many B2B companies are developing excellent visual strategies to stay in the forefront.

 Graphic design is important in any sector or business in order to connect with the audience and visually communicate its products and services.

 Visual information is processed 60,000 times faster by our brain than text.    

Lady Dior
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In simple words, people tend to remember pictures more than words. For instance, the iconic bag of Lady Dior doesn’t require an explanation for you to visualize yourself carrying the symbol of elegance. It is an architectural piece whose pictures pop up in your mind the moment you hear the name than the words that describe its design. That’s how our brain is wired when it comes to images vs. text.

That’s the power of design and companies have to make the most of visual aids from images, infographics, GIFs to flyers, banners, business cards, and logos to stay ahead of the immense competition out there. With the increase in demand for great graphics, the internet is flooded with best graphic design courses, computer graphic design courses, online graphic design courses etc. to churn more and more talent from this art.

Now, let’s dig a bit further into the areas where graphic designing plays an important role in any business.

These different areas in business require good visual aids along with engaging content to crack a marketing campaign and get huge returns on your investment.

Social Media

Social Media
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 “Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It can give a voice and platform to anyone willing to engage.”

  • Amy Jo Martin

Social media marketing rules the internet and does give every business or company a platform to display their products and services. But the flip side of this is immense competition. So, content and graphic design are the two things that will highlight your business in the digital marketing space.

Businesses need to build a remarkable digital footprint where the customer has thousands of options to choose from. Therefore, captivating graphics with a personal touch and creativity can certainly make your business stand out and become a talk of the social town.

 Website Design

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 “It takes about 50 milliseconds for a user to decide whether to stay on the website or leave.”

So, if you have your business online, then you just 50 milliseconds to impress your audience with the website design and interface because that’s what your customer is going to see (or judge!) before your content.

Certainly a see-through of how much important graphic design is for any company’s website.

 Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing
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Companies heavily invest in sales and marketing collaterals from flyers, banners, brochures to infographics, newsletters, email marketing templates, PowerPoint presentations for pitches, etc. These are the areas that bring in potential clients and promote the businesses’ livelihood. Having a remarkable and personalized design for each of these collaterals helps build a strong brand identity in the market, thus making graphic design the Messiah of sales, marketing, and advertising.

 Logos, Business Cards & Packaging

Louis Vuitton
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“A logo doesn’t sell, it identifies.”

This quote by Paul Rand, a well-known American art director, and graphic designer clearly states the importance of design in building the logo of any company. For instance, the famous ‘LV’ monogram of Louis Vuitton doesn’t require an introduction, it has become the brand’s identity. The LV logo itself portrays the elegance and power of the brand in the fashion industry.

Coming closer to home, consider the logo of Sabyasachi – the Royal Bengal Tiger needs no explanation as it symbolizes the royalty and class-apart designs of Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee logo
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That’s the power of a logo and creating a unique logo design is one of the most critical things to consider when starting a new business. Same story goes behind the designs of business cards and also in the packaging design of your products. It is all about being distinct and unique in your designs to gain trust and rule the memory of your customers.

Conclusively, it is clear beyond doubt that graphic design grabs a crucial place in the marketing and advertising of any business or company.

If you own a business, whether small or big, doesn’t matter, consider all these factors and remember graphic design is your trump card and can be a game-changer for your company.  Moreover, if you are an aspiring graphic designer with flair for creativity and mind full of imagination, a Bachelor in Visual Arts (BVA)/B. Des. in Graphic Design is something you should go for. This course provides a complete theoretical as well as practical knowledge to help you find a place in the sun shining brightly on your career. All in all, graphic design is a reliable field, whichever side you are on!